Ages Go By Poem by K J

Ages Go By

Rating: 5.0

Ages have gone by
roaming as I have always done
yet nothing is the same
time changes
yet I remain
a frail man
alone to walk this shallow earth
broken and cast out from the womb
feeding on innocence and decay
on a night like tonight
I lose all humanity and hope
as my prey, does neither
but welt in my arms
man and beast am I
and vengeance is my thirst
a blood rush for the ages gone by
never quenched or made right
so for ever more I roam
the broken man
ages go by........................

Mohammad Akmal Nazir 25 June 2011

Great poem. I loved the way you described the whole thing. The poem was written well with nice texture and imagery. I rated it 10. Thanks for sharing..... Kindly read and rate my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2. Best regards Akmal

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Savita Tyagi 17 February 2020

So lucid and fluent filled with shadows of life, dark and poignant. This darkness leaves its mark everywhere, upon every body. Captured and imprisoned we are in life’s clutches. Your poetry spreads sunshine.

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Ramesh Rai 25 October 2014

A very poignant write with deep thoughts.

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Shadow Girl 09 July 2011

Good thought, good write, enjoyed. SG

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Romeo Della Valle 29 June 2011

The title of this of this very well penned and poignant poem caught my attention since my Birthday was yesterday June 28th. Sitting alone yesterday in my Chamber of Thoughts I realized that every year is a chapter of my life no knowing when will the last chapter written, just fully the writing, hoping to leave my legacy behind! Thank you for sharing,10+++ Love and Peace for always! ...

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Buried Alive 26 June 2011

the fate of every vampire, to roam only the darkest corners of the earth as ages go by ' yet nothing is the same time changes yet I remain a frail man ' strugging with what's left of his own humanity, the count expresses a trace of remorse in this concise yet revealing confession

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