A Good Life Poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

A Good Life

A good life is a song
when melodies are sung
by laughters and smiles.

A good life is a cup of tears
when days are painted
by all sorrow and pain.

A good life is community
when one ceases to be alone
in the sea of love and compassion.

A good life is courage
when the heart of faith
announces the dawning of a new day.

A good life is knowing
the Shepherd who walks with us
even in the valley of death
and brings us to the mountain of safety.

Leaking Pen 04 August 2013

Faith From Within shines from Top of the Hill Dear Elizabeth What a great poem to ignite my Sunday morning, Your faith ignited m faith in the communal spirit of human spirit a poem that heals with true love much needed warmth on a cold wintry day, my heart believes again Truly Paul (Leaking Pen)

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 17 October 2012

Vincent, thanks for liking this piece. Glad to know that you have found good life in solitude with your pen. Many saints and acclaimed writers have found good life for having seen the fruits of their labor even if they are conceived in solitude.

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Vincent Moore 16 October 2012

I truly enjoyed this Good Life piece. I have lived the good life, failed the good life, found myself alone without a good life, yet I am content in my reclusive life. I am again now living the good life of solitude with my pen. Brilliant work Elizabeth.

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 16 September 2012

Thanks. Thomas, for your positive response.

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