Brother Roger Of Taize Poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Brother Roger Of Taize

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A humble and fragile man
with a great heart
for respect, love and dialogue
among peoples of all nations.

With a call in your heart
you establish a community
of peace in Taize' -
a taste of God's kingdom on earth.

Yet you died a cruel death
never invoking revenge and hate
And even if your innocent blood
was oozing out of your breath
your brothers and ambassadors
of peace continued to sing the
Songs of Taize.

Brother Roger, thanks
for leaving us all
a great legacy of love,
fellowship and humility.

Recalling the loving life of Brother Roger, the leader of the Taize community who died at the hands of an assassin. A peaceful man of God who died under violent hands. I would like to honor his memory by this short verse.

Valerie Dohren 18 November 2012

A great tribute poem - well done.

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We honor the memory of your leader and this short verse poem for him Beautiful tribute poem

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Thank you, Captain Herbert, for your response to this poem. It is beautiful to recall that we have people who work for peace in our world like Brother Roger and the people around him.

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 23 November 2012

Thanks, Vipins, for your response. I salute Brother Roger for his kindness and great humility as servant of God. Much as I lament over his tragic death, I am comforted to reflect that his death showed the face of forgiveness.

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 21 November 2012

Thanks; Valerie, for your positive response.

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Poetheart Morgan 18 November 2012

Towards a new solidarity! 's Always a hope for mankind the most when there is a commitment to human being! Do not forget Africa! !

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Vipins Puthooran 18 November 2012

the last reverence/ great work! !

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