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Teacher, teacher, teacher, teach me now

Who draws the gap between people?
They call them rich, they call them poor
The rich squander in wealth and abundance
The poor wonder what to eat next time.

They can be written
spoken, whispered,
hidden, forbidden,

How can a mother forget her child,
the child who is conceived nine months in the womb
the child that is cradled at daytime,
night time until dawn?

Who has seen the wind?
Not me, not you, not them
can see the wind even
those with eyes as big as balls.

The sky, our blanket,
puts us to sleep,
drowns our eyes
with darkness

Tears in the valleys
water the lilies.
They are salty.
They are not so sweet to taste.

Filling waters in all sideways and byways
Leaking through all alleys and subways
Overflowing canals, rivers and bays
Overflowing streets, stations and houses

A humble and fragile man
with a great heart

A good life is a song
when melodies are sung
by laughters and smiles.

Think if all were healthy
and no one felt so unhappy.
Think if all were in perfect form
and no one else look malformed.

It is calling for compassion
It is calling for responsible hands
It is calling for stewards,
stewards to see and listen,

Sandy gathered strength
from rivers and seas
flooding homes, fields,
markets and subways.

How can I resist the beauty of friendship
when it beacons the soul to rejoice
over acts of love and mercies?
How can I be deaf to the notes of friendship

Food! Food! Food!
It is all that we need
It is all that we need
to calm down our spirits!

In darkness and light
You follow me.
In my sighs and cries
You hold my hand.

When my own father died of heart attack,
And died before reaching the hospital
I asked the Lord why?
When my auntie died of bone cancer,

Along this boulevard we stroll and cycle
We pledge our vows of our love eternal
You look at me and shyly I look at you
We laugh and giggle at the magic of life.

Uprooted, spread to corners in the globe
accepted, helped, rejected or cursed,
they ran away from their homeland
away from bombs, ruins and fires,

Elizabeth Padillo Olesen Biography

A Filipino born woman, lives in Denmark, wrestles with the Danish language; attempts to preserve her mother tongue- Cebuano, writes prose and poetry in English. Wife, mother, teacher, cross-cultural worker; loves to sing, paint and tend the garden; finds it delightful to demonstrate her poems by her paintings. Published my first book of poems in 1995 'Poems and Reflections on Philippine Situation', followed a by a book of poems in Cebuano language, 'Journey to the Heart (Panaw ngadto sa Kasingkasing' and a book of short stories, 'Mugbong Sugilanon sa Kangitngit og Kahayag' (Short Stories on Light and Darkness'. in 2014 I had my second book of poems in English, 'Spirituality for Peace and Justice' published by Author House UK. The book contains 122 poems in 9 themes and with 33 photos of my own paintings as illustrative images. I have realized I have written many poems, stories and novels which I need to recover and finalize to be shared with others... May God grant me the strength and determination to fulfill my dream of making these writings available for others as inspiration.)

The Best Poem Of Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Teacher, Teacher

Teacher, teacher, teacher, teach me now
Teacher, teacher, teacher, guide me now
Teacher, teacher, teacher, show the way
You are my light
You are my guide.

Teacher, teacher, teacher, comfort me
Give your listening ears when I cry
Help me find the strength in what I can
You are my help
You are my guide.

Teacher, teacher, teacher, build me up
When I do wrong, show me what is right
Teacher, teacher, teacher, let us laugh
You are my friend
You are my guide.

Elizabeth Padillo Olesen Comments

Cliff Ceekay 23 November 2012

wow, a good poem.write and write more

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Graham Thompson 19 January 2016

Love your quotations - an effective riposte to our darkening world. You are an angel on the side of light and revelation. An insipired poet.

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 15 February 2016

Thanks for your response, Graham Thomson! I have just recently realized that Poemhunter's page for quotations is a great menu to come across with good messages to inspire.

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 13 April 2020

Corona attacks people beyond borders, race, status and authority. With the daily rising of deaths in many countries, we are confronted with the reality of life's fragility and mortality. May God beyond us, in and around us help us.

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Prabir Gayen 16 February 2019

Very good poetess....fine write..great work

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Thanks for reading.

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Jagdish Singh Ramána 15 January 2019

a major proponant of peace and harmony as poems and qoutes show.

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Jagdish Singh Ramána 15 January 2019

beautiful qoutes and beautiful poems! lucky to ready such a poetess.

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Thanks for appreciating. It means a lot! It inspires me to write more...

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 11 February 2018

What a tragedy when children are used as soldiers in the mad wars in our world! . Wars do not only kills lives of people but also children's innocense.

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen Quotes

'God is omniscient and omnipotent.He does not need humans to be defenders of his Holy Name. He invites us instead to be defenders/protectors of his beloved creations: human beings and nature.'

Our human heart is the house of love but it also houses hate. The love of Christ helps us conquer the surging hate that separates us from our fellow human beings. Learn to forgive.

Human beings have the tendency to destroy the natural environment, and nature has its own way of striking back by its own raging fury.

The tragedy in France shook the world. The ideology of hate and revenge shakes the very foundation of freedom and justice.

Peace starts in every human heart with one's decision not to nurture hate.

Our world is in a limbo of fear psychosis. If the trend of terror and threats continue in our time, then we disregard the sanctity of every human life and our God-given responsibility to uphold and protect it.

Humility is recognizing that our life, all that we have as resources, and all talents are gifts from God meant to be used to bless our lives and the lives of others. Humility is living in submission to a divine presence, that summons us to use what we have to uphold and protect our life and the life of others.

Pride is recognizing that all that we are, and all that we own and acquire are ours and for us alone, secured by our own efforts and power.

What is the source of joy? It starts from the heart - that whatever happens, there is hope in God.

It is only when your heart is with in things that you do, you can harvest joy. Guard your heart, and let it only be a chamber of love and not of hate.

Evil is showing its ugly head many corners in the globe, calling the vulnerables to reject love and embrace hate.

The birth of a child is a joy beyond measure for the mother who gives birth and for those who receive the child. For every birth comes the human responsibility to protect every single life.

Ideology of hate does not give peace to our fragile humanity. It is only when we discover the power of love that we seek to protect life.

When one begins to taste the honey of freedom, then one never stops to find it as an essential drink for human survival.

Life is so short that it has to be lived with purpose; and so fragile that it has to be cared for, loved and protected.

Food and water supplies for refugees are hindered from reaching them. What inhumanity that drives people to destroy and kill lives of people? Stop this devilish way of winning an inhuman cause.

We thought that Apartheid is over in South Africa with Nelson Mandela, but the new form of apartheid is rising against immigrants.The rising violence against immigrants is insult to the great spirit of Mandela.

When love is deep in the human heart, the poetic language is easy to find and flow.

There is so much pain and violence in our world. But there is also joy and hope in the goodness of humanity.

Freedom is very essential in every person's humanity, a sign that one is indeed human. If one is enslaved, freedom is denied and one is denied to be human.

Yes, peace is so difficult to find because people refuse to use their heart in relating with other people. People would rather act out from a pedestal of arrogance, power and might, not minding if it brings great misery to others.

Sleep well and dream dreams. For it is in dreaming that one begins to see mountains of possibilities

We bear the great sorrow about the growing acts of violence and terror committeed against fellow humans. With the means of transportation and communication, we think that we should have been made closer to each other and learn more from each other, but the gap and misunderstandings between us and others are still steadily prevailing and people bear the psychosis of fear.

Do not give in to the proddings of anger which incite you to give a cold shoulder against the one who cause you to be angry.

After Haiyan and another earthquake, people continue to suffer the disease of corruption, aborting the work for healthy rehabilitation.

While the rich live in villas and mansions, protected by high fences of concrete walls and metals, we have children on the streets begging for water and food to satisfy the hunger in their tummy.

Large piece of land is bought, owned and acquired by those who have money on their hand, and those who have been thriving on this piece of land for many years in their lives are ejected from this ground, wondering why those who have money to buy have the right to own a piece of land, depriving them the land of their birth.

Flowers display a smile of hope.

Remaining summer days are few. Enjoy each sunny day and be thankful for the rainfall too.

Refugees continue to run for their life, hoping they will be met by Samaritan spirit.

Yes, man's progress makes the future of the young ones possibly alarming. But there is also the growing inhumanity of man against man which cannot let the birds stop from crying. And yet, as long as there are eggs hatching and the little ones growing, there is hope for change.

People with freedom will always flee as refugees to protect their life or to seek for a better life. Host countries that offer hospitality to strangers and refugees will also be blessed.

Another shooting in school premises in USA, this time in Oregon, killing ten persons and wounding more than 20! Why right to ownership of guns and weapons is still a debate in USA?

Terrorism stems from hate which bubbles up to the demonic drive to kill and kill lives.

Love is in the human heart, innate in every human being, but with the human freedom to choose, one can also decide to do the opposite of love, which is hate. Our history is now witnessing a period when human beings choose to act out of hate, and fully eradicating the beauty and value of love.

There is also another window through which a growing child can learn about God's love. It is the unconditional love of a husband to his own wife, the mother of his own child.

The world is looking, and we are measured as a nation by the way we treat the foreigners or refugees in our midst and those who bank at our doors. Jesus' way of love to all, a living principle.

The birds, sunlight and grasses on the ground are calling for spring after the cold and dark winter.

I just want to portray the beauty when one is able to survive after a heavy storm in life. As mortals, we are always on the threshold of joy and sorrow, of ups and downs, but to have courage to overcome the storms in life makes life ever more beautiful and worthwhile to live for...

To love with all your heart is to be blessed with love in return.

The human heart is a vacuum of emptiness without love. We may be able to love and strive to love with all our will and emotions, but our human love is so limited that at anytime it can fail to live in love. We need therefore to come to the source of all love, Jesus Christ, the source of real love, the agape love. Knowing him and his way of life enables us to learn to truly love.

Happy Valentine's Day to those who have found their love, to those who have lost their love and still looking, to those who love but whose love is rejected or not reciprocated, or to those who simply imagine what it is to fall in love and to be loved in return!

Religion is dead without concrete expressions of love and compassion. Religion is dead when language of religion is limited to dogmas and creeds without the living language of God's living actions in one's own life.

Women can be compared to the beauty of a garden. A garden has many kinds of flowers but every flower represents a unique beauty to the eye.

In portraying gory violence and moral decay in many films, the film industry is exulting the debased. I look forward to films and movies which affirm central human values of truth, human integrity and compassion.

It is possible to be sad to the brink of despair but still keep 'the joy of the Lord within', the hope to the tunnel of light.

Let the Filipinos never forget the story of freedom from dictatorial regime waged against not by weapons but by people's power in the EDSA non-violent revolution, Feb.1986, now its 30th year anniversary! Congratulations, Philippines and all the Filipinos throughout the world!

Yes, the Bible also records the stoning to death, done against women who committed adultery or who did the act of prostitution. But it was Jesus who changed the traditional way of dealing with women. While Jesus, stood beside a sinful woman, whom the local people would have started to stone to death, Jesus said that only the person who had not committed sin could throw stone against the woman. And nobody dared to throw stone against the judged woman because they realized that not one of them was free from sin. Christianity, therefore through Jesus, brought about the new understanding on the value of women as God's children, never meant to be stoned or hanged to death by any rule of religion.

It is funny to watch the political debates in USA among presidential candidates in the Republican and Democratic Parties. One never knows who will win and nobody knows if indeed the voters can be played by the influence of more media coverage.

Sometimes one is gripped with total loneliness when one feels alone even in a maddening crowd. The yearning for fellowship among those who share the same views and who understand the same language is thirst that waits to be quenched.

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen Popularity

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