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A Good Luck

Rating: 4.5

I was born with a bad luck! I was not born with a good luck! A good luck never was on my side, but a bad luck and sinister was always on my side. A golden spoon never was in my mouth. I looked for a good luck everywhere, but instead I found a hard luck. Though they read my luck good, but always the reverse comes. I went everywhere to have a good luck, but always had a bad luck. I can't buy a good luck! Can anyone buy me just a luck and not a good luck? No one! WHY? ! Because I was born like this! I can change everything except my luck. What shall I do for my luck? Alas! I have only a bad luck! Can I advertise looking for a good luck? Everyone has a dream and my dream is to look for a luck. Some people's luck comes creeping to them! My luck is crippled! I have a permanent address called a bad luck! But others born with a good luck! I am not pessimistic, but I try just a luck. My luck breaks a rock, but I do not gain a luck! O my God! What shall I do? Can you guess, what? A bad luck always hovers over my head! Still, with all that, I am looking for my luck. Astrologers cannot find me a good luck! Can I find a luck on the surface of the moon? Or, can I find my luck on the other planets other than the earth? O my God! Permanent my life with a bad luck! A bad luck is my star! In my cells there is a bad luck? ! Still I have a dream regardless of anything else to find a luck or some alternative. I do not thing I have a good luck. Only I have a bad luck. From birth to death it's a bad luck. If you ask me about my address, I will tell: 'It's the bad luck.' A bad luck is my luck.

Life is not easy.Sometimes you look for something and it's difficult to find it including one's luck.It's not easy to get what you want.