A Half Of A Poem Poem by Indika Thushara Gamage

A Half Of A Poem

Rating: 5.0

who wounds my heart
my house is in the woods, clew;
I will not see you stopping there
my little house weeping still, inside the sleeping
to stop wind and rain without a rope
between you and me; or you and her
to watch her wounds through my wounds
moonlight lies over the woods and tombs
after the darkest evening of the life
he lives in his life; gives a line
to this poem; asks, is there a some mistake
the sound of his sound; breaks this bound
of wind bird and black butterfly; try to fly at same time
the wounds are woods, dark and deep,
but I have prepared for you; without promises to keep,
empty pond, with flowers, your eyes in the same pond
what a colony of thoughts; in a frozen lake
one before two; two before one
smile before rain; miles go before pain
at the end, wind carried wind
who wounds my sister's heart?
fire in my house; weeping butterfly
my wound has spaces; images of your faces
no words to end this poem…
who stolen some lines of this poem…?

Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: love,love and dreams,love and friendship,love and life,love and loss
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