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A History That Began With Eve (The Snake And The Dreadful Apple)

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The voices of our foremothers are not lost;
they're conjoined
as strong as ligaments
when the rest of the body is torn apart,
burnt, branded or rain washed,
beaten, scorned, denied
and condemned to be forgotten
as our history began with Eve, the snake,
and the dreadful apple.

We are all part of this sisterhood
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Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: feminism,history,trauma,womanhood
Unnikrishnan E S 14 July 2016

Just a re today! Just because the poem invites me back whenever i open my laptop.

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Unnikrishnan E S 13 July 2016

Hi Agatha, Has come back as promised. And more astonished by the incisive accuracy and aptness of each word you select to make poetry. missing bones never to be healed or mended. The silence is too much to bear. So is the burden of all the words Your hint at the infamous story on how god made Eve, from the rib of Adam, is again exquisite: the story is there, planted, to subdue woman. And then, the way you have portrayed domestic violence against women, really wonderful! This is an all-pervading reality, even today.I invite you to read my poem, Enter His Kingdom, in which I have tried to bring in a picture of extreme domestic violence, albeit in a different context. Immensely valuable poem. I would love to come back. Sorry, time for office!

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Unnikrishnan E S 13 July 2016

Hi Agatha, A very passionate, focused and truthful write. Some vile heart had invented the story of Eve, The Apple and The Serpent. Got nothing to do with the facts, everybody knows. Even the Church knows. But it is propagated through ages, through generations to intimidate woman and hold them down; hold them responsible for everything evil. Even Pandora was supposedly a woman. But, then it is time for you to raise your heads above your shoulders, to hold it high. This is what I tell my daughter. Hold your head high! Dont be intimidated by hegemony. And then, yes Agatha, New life springs in the middle of ruins! Astonishingly simple statement; but unable to fathom the depth. Your entire poem looks so simple a statement. But well beyond the thinking powers of ordinary men. Congrats. Well done. a 10+++. Shall come back for a re.

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