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Dorian Gray

He had everything immortalized in a portrait;
angelic face, and golden hair, deep eyes
a gorgeous smile, but a heart that cries-
all he could trade for a moment of rapture.

The Poet And The Golden Quill (Dedicated To Oscar Wilde)

I embraced the ruins of your life
both with my arms and closed eyes;
the perfect poet..the perfect man!
the perfect dreamer..the perfect one!


Walk on, with a glowing
lantern in your hand..
carry this hope,
after you remove the shackles

The Collector

These silent and bitter tears fall unseen
forming a net, keeping the world
in its tightness
burning, giving birth to storms..

You Found It Only By Chance

The bitter mercury of life is washed away

as the last hours of night are cast aside,

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Congrats for being the poet of the day.

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Unnikrishnan E S 27 May 2016

Agatha, Congrats on being selected Poet Of the Day.

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Soul Watcher 27 May 2016

Congratulation to be poet of the day today Agatha

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