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He had everything immortalized in a portrait;
angelic face, and golden hair, deep eyes
a gorgeous smile, but a heart that cries-
all he could trade for a moment of rapture.

I embraced the ruins of your life
both with my arms and closed eyes;
the perfect poet..the perfect man!
the perfect dreamer..the perfect one!

Walk on, with a glowing
lantern in your hand..
carry this hope,
after you remove the shackles

These silent and bitter tears fall unseen
forming a net, keeping the world
in its tightness
burning, giving birth to storms..

The bitter mercury of life is washed away

as the last hours of night are cast aside,

you, grieving heart, kissed again the frozen lips of solitude
raw realities descending the heavy clouds of lucidity
in moonlight night, I sink into your sacred embrace,
like a black pearl in the vast stoned infinity.

This wild and troubled
spirit that animates
the flesh
defies the nothingness,

My feelings borrow
their colours
from the dance of two
blazing feathers

A language is a river;
its body of water
goes far into the distance

These flowers of ours are dusty
and wilted. They're sent to you
from hostile, far away lands
pressed in old books, with smooth

The voices of our foremothers are not lost;
they're conjoined
as strong as ligaments
when the rest of the body is torn apart,

Heart of the forest
fairies dancing by the fire
glow worms on the path

The blood still lingers on the fences
behind the black flags, the barricades..
tired fighters, mechanically breathing
in the cadence of the bullets

At night, the borders are shattered
like wooden fences, eroded by moths
unkindled, prepared to be forgotten
as when the guardians sleep tightly

A blurry morning breaks in my heart
like a shy sun over a battlefield
after a long absence of light
and a carpet of leaves

Here we are..walking by clusters
of unfulfilled dreams,
with a heavy heart, empty arms
a face devoured by concerns.

the queen steps in with the mourning
garb upon her face,
in such splendid crimson
gown, adorned in lace,

The Evening Star glides acros the sky,
and stops the grasping rain,
From the burdened shoulders of the Time
which bleach away the pain.

I have never loved someone like you,

until now.Shivered by the coldness

Hold me, never let go of me
never release me from your grip;
be the frozen darkness that
swallows the last drop of soul

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Dorian Gray

He had everything immortalized in a portrait;
angelic face, and golden hair, deep eyes
a gorgeous smile, but a heart that cries-
all he could trade for a moment of rapture.

This young man craved for everlasting beauty
so time not to mark his flawless skin,
while contemplating cruel vice and sin-
but all his nights became sleepless and empty.

When life was burning on the ascension pyre
embracing dark misery, neglecting mercy
charmed by poisoned arrows of fatality,
realised what he treasured turned to misfire.

Conscience prevented him from finding solace
whilst sins stained his precious portrait,
An obsessive wicked sneer he couldn't erase
of a cynical creature piercing time and space.

Mirror of your soul, this portrait was given,
to release the burden of him getting old,
instead, it caught the reflection of soul-
like quivering glimpses of a man unforgiven.

Yet, in life everything comes up with a price;
and downfalls succed the glorious rise,
of all young men unaware of their demise-
At the table of destiny, they roll another dice.

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Hazar Ismail 14 April 2023

I donot know how to get contact eith the poet please its so important

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Anita Aparajita Das 27 May 2016

Congrats for being the poet of the day.

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Unnikrishnan E S 27 May 2016

Agatha, Congrats on being selected Poet Of the Day.

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Soul Watcher 27 May 2016

Congratulation to be poet of the day today Agatha

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