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Walk on, with a glowing
lantern in your hand..
carry this hope,
after you remove the shackles
and regain the freedom of
your heart and thoughts!

Dearest human beings,
remember that

the world cannot quench your
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Saturday, December 5, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: dreams,hope,nature,revolution
Edward Kofi Louis 05 May 2016

Carry on this hope! With a positive direction ahead. Nice work.

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Adeline Foster 29 February 2016

Ah, a wrathful man-made God? I prefer a Loving all-knowing God! Extensive research finds in the true nature of the God of Psalms 37 a truly patient yet purposeful God, who although in control, yet working out man's eventual happiness for those who are willing to investigate his purpose. Read mine - If There Be No God - Adeline

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Agatha Eliza 07 March 2016

Well, here in my poem, I am actually referring to the religion used as a tool of oppression by some people who aim to rule over us by inflicting nothing but fear and terror, and do not have the most honourable intentions toward the rest of their fellow human beings. The poem is about the constraint of freedom of expression, and the shackles this artificial world built for us, forcing us to obey and wear them. When there is still a grain of hope shining out there, the people will realise that we're all born to be free and find a solution. It's not a matter of who or how God is, but a matter of how his image is used and manipulated to serve an evil purpose in a game of power and influence.

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 01 January 2016

Verily, new hopes born sustain human life

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Kumarmani Mahakul 05 December 2015

Walking on with a glowing hand is very amazing in this poem shared wonderfully. Wisely penned.10

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Shakil Ahmed 05 December 2015

Underneath the trembled reflection of the moon in the stillness of the water, where the sky collapses into earth and embraces the glossy surface, our hope is born anew.- Beautiful poetic lines, thanks for sharing

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