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It was the extreme dark as no-moon night
Continuously drizzling from long hours
Load shading was active on its routine job
The jackals were howling in bamboo clusters.

I moved ahead about four decades
From my childhood love
I could not forget a single moment
And live like a loving dove.

A smart city means
clean and green city
That has pollution free air
de-centralised facility

The home is sweet,
Hostel sweeter
Life in hostel slightly different
Great blessing of it... independence

Association has a vast meaning
It covers broad area
I am only saying
about the association of an office

A male from fifteen to eighty
Is called a man
Sexually fit to date
a woman Of any age

Sanskrit is called ‘a dead language'
but how it's dead?
it's the primary liturgical language of Hinduism
the philosophical language in

Teacher’s day is like an occasion and opportunity
To pay tribute and gratitude
To the teachers
for the continuous, selfless and precious efforts

A man is compared with a racing horse
And his masculine power with horse power
It's the power of his sex
The power to keep his mate with him.

Know the standard of a family
From their washroom
notice the underwear of a man
you want to know whom

People say …
Thirteen is the unlucky number
On this day of September

The traffic light,
red, yellow and green
works all together
with rules

It's little embarrassing
to tell you
after 42 years spending
in different cities

One army man, my immediate neighbour
got posting in Kashmir
his parents were not alive
so left his newly married wife at home

I was looking for
An intelligent graduate girl
for my son's marriage
For having brainy generation

Everything in the universe has vibration
Rocks, trees, plants, minerals, animals, foods
There are no exceptions
A rock may have a low dense vibration

While eating ….
Create an ambience of peacefulness
Light some wax candles
Put on quite music

I was making an idol of God
And trying to make the God 'male'
But it was getting the shape of 'female'
Again and again unknowingly

এসো, এসো হে নতুন অতিথি
হে অপরিচিতা
সুস্বাগতম ।
আমরা তোমারই অপেক্ষায় ছিলাম

As you said
I led the orchestra on the stage
for that you are proud
but I couldn't see your face

Asit Kumar Sanyal Biography

I am Indian. So, my poems are based on Indian culture, system customs and rituals. I am not a poet but writing poem is my hobby and whenever I have free time, I try to write poem. I write in English and Bengali with my technical knowledge and in my own style. I try to give a message to the society through my poems. In my student life, I was interested for writing essays and short stories but not poems. Now I write only poems... no essays and stories. My wife too writes poem but in our mother tongue that is Bengali. I am from West Bengal, India. I was born and brought-up in rural Bengal. I am a central govt. servant and my service is transferable. I got opportunity to live in different cities in my country. At present I am in New Delhi. Though I live in city, my mind always at my home town 'Lalgola'. I have four brothers and one sister. Except me all are within the state. I have three kids. Two daughters and one son. All are married. Son is an IT Engineer and lives in Hyderabad. Elder daughter is MA (English) and MBA. She teaches in MBA school. Younger daughter is expert in graphics. All are well settled.)

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The First Night After Marriage

It was the extreme dark as no-moon night
Continuously drizzling from long hours
Load shading was active on its routine job
The jackals were howling in bamboo clusters.

Her soft voice was whispering in my ear
Her long black hair covered me to sway
I was melting like an iceberg in South Pole
Suddenly the rain started … I drifted away.

I discovered myself in the indistinct dawn
When the people were moving for natural call
The rain had loosened its grip but she did not
It was my ancestral house in west Bengal.

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People say mothers are impartial to her children. I don't believe. Some mothers may be, but not all. My mother is partial. I have experienced it.

If you are a meat eater, you can't be an animal lover. It's very simple.

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Asit Kumar Sanyal Popularity

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