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A Jail Of One's Obsessions

Rating: 5.0

I am not carefree, but I am greatly full of care because I can't stop thinking about what's Going on around me all the time Without having a clear horizon to Stop thinking and guessing about the World's sufferings and pains here And there and carrying the ladder In a way that I hit everyone and Everything I see or I come by in my way, It's out of my will and out of patience To do this because I got stuck with A lot of headaches and a lot of ugly pains In my surroundings and in my thoughts, It's difficult to stop thinking about The world's ugly sufferings and bad Pains of the pretty people and everything In life and in the core of life itself, Again I am not pain free or carefree Because I am too much obsessed with The sufferings and the pains of everyone Around me and I feel it's like they all Belong to me and not to anyone else, and Painfully I judge I am all right obsessed And too much stuck with everyone and everything.