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A Junkyard War حرب الخردة

Any ugly aggression assault or any ugly war Will inevitably lead to destroyed planes, destroyed tanks, Broken buildings, damaged armored vehicles, helmets thrown here and There, assault rifles,....,....., These piles of broken arrogance will turn in time Into a junkyard where the pretty people will disassemble them to turn Them into an ugly war's stuffs museum, To benefit from turning them into their benefits, If any strike that does not kill you, it will inevitably Strengthen you, The victims are on the rise, but their will is on the rise too Just to foil any ugly aggression anytime, Fighting a bitter enemy is not a picnic, but It's a big test by God to all those who defend their people, All aggressive planes will turn into piles of junkyard, so The defenders will show them to the whole world and To benefit from them as much as they can, These fallen jet planes (All war planes) and all destroyed war Machinery will turn, by time, into dolls in the hands of the Defenders who downed them, The defenders will strongly start rebuilding all broken buildings, All destroyed mosques and churches, and all other places because life Must go back to normal, The martyrs are buried honorably, The wounded will be back to normal, then Only the war's ugly junkyard will be shown in the streets here and There as an ugly evidence of an illegal and unjust war against Peaceful people.

Friday, July 11, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: war and peace