A Kiss Poem by Late Sunrise

A Kiss

Rating: 3.2

A kiss is a language between us,
A silent word in our world of Love,
A kiss so far from any kind of fuss,
Sign of happiness and peace in Love.

A kiss as a short caress in the morning,
To start our day with a smiling light,
A kiss more deep in the evening,
As we look for a tasteful delight.

A kiss on your cheeks, on your lips,
My hands are kissing your hair too,
When our dreams become real hopes,
A kiss will tell how I want all of you.

A kiss is looking deeply in our eyes,
Touching your heart, the One you are,
Not forcing us to artifices or lies,
On our skin the kiss is the brightest star.

A kiss might be simple, easy to receive,
But I cannot forget how you kiss me,
Tracing on me the true feelings you give,
So I live for you, with your Love, endlessly.

Carl Harris 01 October 2009

This is a wonderfully expressive romantic poem, Late Sunrise, and it beautifully describes the wonder and joy of a kiss from the one you love, as well as the tender kisses you give to him. Your well chosen words vividly captured the feelings and emotions of a kiss, not an easy thing to do, for a kiss can be very expressive, filled with emotion and love, or it can be casual, cool, and terribly distant as well. Fortunately, your fine poem dwells on the former rather than the latter. A very charming write. Carl.

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Frank Lambert 09 September 2009

Hi Late One, I enjoyed reading your poem and from your words I can see you understand kiss, intimately. Great write. Frank

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Ashraful Musaddeq 12 May 2009

Nicely presented kiss from different point of view. 10++

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