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A kiss is a language between us,
A silent word in our world of Love,
A kiss so far from any kind of fuss,
Sign of happiness and peace in Love.

I want to wake up early by your side,
To see in your eyes the morning light,
To find on your smile the reason of life,
With your tender words, I will feel alive.

Did you see the smile in my eyes?
These days you put on me your arm.
Now there is nothing to keep me warm,
Sad I hear the sound of your lonely cries.

As a rainbow came between in sun and rain,
When the sky fights for light and clouds at once,
My verses express or my hopes, or my pain,
While alone for so long, I was facing the silence.

Sur une île de paix où l’aurore
Sera ton baiser à mon éveil,
Où la brume légère du soir
Réalisera nos mots d’espoir…

Si je n’avais ma voix que pour mieux te parler,
Je n’aurais pas assez de mots pour te dire,
Les mille et une phrases douces pour t’aimer,
Que jusqu'à ce jour je n’ai pas pu t’écrire.

Laisse les maux de nos vies s’envoler au vent,
Dans l’ombre d’un passé sans remords ni regrets,
Impatient à l’aube d’un avenir secret,
L’espoir du futur défie la fuite du temps.

Avant le pépiement des oiseaux, je me suis réveillée,
Sous les feuilles du bananier, immobiles sans brise,
Devançant l’innocence des enfants sous le soleil,
Reniant les inutiles litanies de l’église voisine…

Under bright starry nights or white snowy days,
They say Happy New Year, Merry Christmas,
This time is known by all as happiness,
But how could I still smile and converse?

Home sweet home,
Ce n’est pas ce havre de paix trop bien rangé,
Brillant de propreté, séduisant l’éventuel visiteur,
Mais ta présence permanente, avec son désordre…

Why did you leave me in my dreams?
How could you broke my Heart,
Letting me now alone in despair,
Until I had to know that your words

I need to forget, my darling Love,
That the tender words You send to me,
Are written from your heart beating
For another soul You decided to love…

You leave me alone with the pain
Of all these years spent in vain
To Love the One You pretended to be
While You neglected my need of honesty.

Je voudrais t’oublier,
Pour un jour éviter
De devoir te maudire
Et qui sait, te haïr…

Après les déraisons et déceptions,
Je reste désormais sans illusions,
Il faut que je m’en fasse une raison
Pour commuer l’échec en dérision.

You reach the end and I could not cry,
Nor to the past my thoughts would fly,
You don’t see the wounds of the knife,
You left as present to my future life.

I don’t know where I live, how I am still alive,
Lost days after nights in the throes of loneliness,
Lost in my dreams which have come true,
From life I want so much more, since knowing you.

The time has gone, you so far away,
Since you left me, alone on my way,
In the quiet and bright starry night,
With the shadow of the moonlight.

So soft and warm was the daylight,
In the sun of the blue African sky,
But my thoughts never ceased to fly,
They dreamed of endless time at your side.

How troubled are my thoughts tonight,
Down the bright and quiet moonlight,
Thinking or dreaming, awake or asleep,
Nearby nobody sees my tears as I weep.

The Best Poem Of Late Sunrise

A Kiss

A kiss is a language between us,
A silent word in our world of Love,
A kiss so far from any kind of fuss,
Sign of happiness and peace in Love.

A kiss as a short caress in the morning,
To start our day with a smiling light,
A kiss more deep in the evening,
As we look for a tasteful delight.

A kiss on your cheeks, on your lips,
My hands are kissing your hair too,
When our dreams become real hopes,
A kiss will tell how I want all of you.

A kiss is looking deeply in our eyes,
Touching your heart, the One you are,
Not forcing us to artifices or lies,
On our skin the kiss is the brightest star.

A kiss might be simple, easy to receive,
But I cannot forget how you kiss me,
Tracing on me the true feelings you give,
So I live for you, with your Love, endlessly.

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Ben Gieske 09 August 2009

You have a beautiful way of expressing your feelings. A nice rhythm and the rhymes do not distract.

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