A Lampoon Of Errors Poem by Kenneth Maswabi

A Lampoon Of Errors

It is human to err
In all faculties of life
Errors are made
And deleted with ease
But there are some errors
That cannot be erased
It is okay to err outside the stringent corridors of life
And it's totally unacceptable to err inside the operation room of life
CoVID-19 outbreak has removed the curtain of mystery
Around some of the key decisions that affect our lives
We have observed buckets of leaders around the world
Totally clueless in the eyes of the public
Fumbling their way into the halls of uncertainty
It's important to project an image of certainty on the face of uncertainty
But some leaders have pasted the image of uncertainty on our television screens
It's total acceptable to be clueless
And seek answers in the minds of the knowledgeable
But to openly display your ignorance
Goes against the ethos of leadership
To stumble on the stage of life with buckets of untruths
Is totally unacceptable
CoVID-19 outbreak has unveiled a new standard for our leaders
It's critical for our leaders to be versatile
And openly seek guidance
It's not the time to illuminate egos
And display narcissistic behaviours
Covid-19 outbreak requires sober minds and clear pathways
It's totally unacceptable to err in front of an outbreak


Wednesday, April 22, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: leader,leadership,life
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