Mount Kilimanjaro Poem by Kenneth Maswabi

Mount Kilimanjaro

Rating: 4.3

The stepping-stone of the gods
Standing high above the clouds
With the snow white veil
And a magnificently erect pose
Shrouded by the mystical spirits
Surrounded by magical spells
Applauded by master artists
You stand with pride
For you stand for Africa

The bride of the gods
Beautifully moulded
Awesomely dressed
In a mystical gown
As ancient as the gods
You stand with pride
For you stand for Africa

The mighty Kilimanjaro
The spirit of Africa
Towers above all
In might and honor
Strength and beauty

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: mountain
Aswani Sammy Luyove 17 September 2020

Mt Kilimanjaro is Africa's spy in the sky. Good poem about Mama Africa's beauty.

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Fiona 01 August 2019

Beautiful poem. While friends of mine are at this moment in time climbing Kilimanjaro, I am sitting at home reading your poem. Thank you for taking me there.

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Samora Sigutya 19 July 2016

A moving and touching poem to all those who have had the pleasure of standing on summit only for a few minutes of once life only to come down again. I would like to dedicate this poem to Gugu Zulu.

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Pamela Sinicrope 11 January 2016

This is a really beautiful poem and Ode to Africa. I like your writing style and the natural way in which you express yourself noting with ease the connections between common human elements and complex human emotions and feelings. Well done.

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Kenneth Maswabi 13 January 2016

Thanks Pam. Again and again you put a smile in my face, poetry is delicious and has to be shared and shared...your comments are inspirational

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Kumarmani Mahakul 11 March 2015

Wonderful poem on mountain. Beautifully presented really.

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Kenneth Maswabi 13 January 2016

Thanks a lot for your comments, really appreciated.

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Kenneth Maswabi

Kenneth Maswabi

Maun, Botswana
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