A Land Of Dreams Poem by Oscar Auliq-Ice

A Land Of Dreams

Beyond the horizon,
Where the sun sets in gold,
Lies a land of dreams,
Of stories yet untold.

There, the mountains soar,
And the rivers flow free,
The trees whisper secrets,
In a language meant for thee.

The air is thick with magic,
And the sky is ablaze,
With colors never seen before,
In a wondrous, cosmic haze.

It's a place of endless wonder,
And limitless possibility,
A realm of pure imagination,
That only your mind can see.

So close your eyes, my dear,
And let your spirit roam,
To that place beyond the horizon,
Where the impossible is home.

Beyond the horizon, where the sun sets ablaze
And the moon rises up with a gentle grace,
There lies a world that we can't quite see
A place of wonder and mystery.

A realm of dreams and endless possibilities,
Where reality blends with our imaginations' capabilities,
A place where love and hope reside,
And fears and doubts are cast aside.

In this world, the colors are brighter,
And the stars shine with a radiant light,
The air is filled with sweet fragrances,
And the sound of music is never far from our senses.

So let us journey beyond the horizon,
And explore this world without any reason,
For it is there where we will find true magic,
And our spirits will soar high and majestic.

Poem written by Oscar Auliq-Ice
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