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Sparkle, Sparkle Little Star!

sparkle, sparkle little star
in your vast space in the galaxy very far
nothing can mach your beauty and power
your face! how pretty! like the face of my flower

A Nature Lover's Diary

i love the river between the banks
beshrew a drinker who doesn't give thanks

i love the breeze hitting my face

River Nile

behold how the River Nile generously flows
and hugs the banks with its gentile waves
it flows and smiles to the sun above
it flows as the blood inside a body

The Song Of Numbers

ONE god created the world
TWO eyes to read the word

THREE daughters for king Lear

Fishing For A Friend

when you go to fish
go fishing for the finest kind
which good anglers always do.

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Angelica Ayman 05 July 2009

well, first of all of course he's very very talented and his poems are wonderful, and the poems are short and to the point and in the same time his feelings are good depicted in the poems and he know how to make you understand his point so it's not easy for anyone to do this so someone like him he have to be very proud of himself, , , and good luck for him.........! ! !

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Kuji Soliman 08 June 2009

A very good poet like yourself should be famous by now, , , i love the way you think, and i admire the messages that you pass in your poems, and most of all, , , I LOVE the way you make things rhyme! !

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p.a. noushad 24 March 2009

i like your wigs of poetic imagination.

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Jessica Ramos 29 July 2010

Wow Your Very Talented Really like your poems☺

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Kasthuri Velu 16 November 2009

I am very impress on all of your are very talented.. ALL THE BEST...............

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Ivy Joy Finez 29 October 2009

hi omar, you are so talented. i admire you're poems very interesting and your lines are so expressive. and all i can say, you are a good poet. keep up the good work omar.

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Pitilosi Mdala 14 September 2009

Good poem and very interesting

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Wrenford Thaffe 02 September 2009

Omar, I admire your writing style, line structure and just the way you allow your points to flow in that way.Keep on writing, you can only get better...

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