Zach Piazza

A Lifeless Collection - Poem by Zach Piazza

So many things that have are expected, all of these feelings that I’ve collected, all ways feeling neglected, and thoughts of being rejected.
I walk down this lonely road, trying to get rid of this burden that’s been bestowed.
Out of this life I want a door, I don’t want this anymore.
I must keep pushing on, even though I’m feeling withdrawn.
I must listen to the authority that’s been there all my life, even though his is filled with strife.
What’s the point in continuing this way, it just a false image I’m trying to convey.
Maybe it’s so I won’t be betrayed, or my fate at least delay.
There is a point right? They tell me, “if not your options aren’t too bright”
It’s likely just laziness I’m just trying to facilitate, or maybe I’m just in a debilitated state.
I don’t want to fall behind; but it’s so hard when I’m confined.
Its not that I’m un-grateful, maybe just a little too hateful.
When I’m like this, do I have a reason? I’m just mad that I don’t even experience the seasons.
I keep using the word “not”, there’s just so much of myself that I’ve forgot.
Most groups of people were never attractive; they’re just so hyper active.
That’s just not who I am, trying to fit in is just a scam.
It robs you of everything you’ve ever known, and then…there’s not much left to be shown.
There’s never really been a place to call home; the last thing I want to do is roam.
Everywhere I go I’m turned down…when is my acceptance going to turn around?
Is there just a magical way to act? Maybe I’m wrong for the way I react.
All I know is I need to find that door… I don’t know if I can take this any more.

*By the way, im only 14 years old.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, May 12, 2006

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