A Little More Conversation Poem by Mwenyeji Spikes

A Little More Conversation

You walk with stance and vigor
You know a lot but probably say nothing
you press onto hopes and face resistance
you hesitate at the resounding regret in silence
you test the waters and immerse in the doctrine
your innocence holds you back, yet you want more

You yearned for a little more conversation
You wish you could set an audience with yourself
You hold the funniest moments dear
You discern truth at the face of it
You live to see the day it sets you free
You hoped for flowers and a note
You yearned for a little more conversation

You hoped for laughter on the other side
You clasped on tightly to the dreams
you stayed wide awake and recounted the moments
you wished you could redeem lost time and secrets
You knew your worth was times over
You deserved better and new it in your heart

You lean forward and take a deep stare
You crave for a little more attention
You never complained of the words uttered
You rest your head on the pillow and kept thoughts saddle
You longed for a little more conversation.

Friday, July 8, 2016
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