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When ends swell and hope shines,
I know that that am from the precious wells,
It's so easy to tell with the charm hanging on my neck
Diamonds from Sierra Leone make that side shine


Abiding in forgiveness I recall,
This kind of forgiveness,

Body & Spirit

Without a body and soul
All that man treasures would I not wish to have

Flowers like Valentine

You always wanted to say it,
Like the epic you only read in novels


I took a vow never to look back
promised myself never to lend an eye

I had conspired to conceive,
But instead I got inspired to deliver,
My relatives were sick and tired of waiting
So when I delivered, I gave them something sick,

Who could that be?
Knocking at your door but Ashley,
The little dear likes to come to your house,
And play with the trophies,

A psalmist playing harp
stumbled on a harp string and broke his nail
Singing praises to a wonderful maker
who makes all beings equally beautiful, and with a purpose.

Thick beads of sacred sweat trickle down my spine
Sacrifices we made now slowly fade away
Half way we've fallen short of what we hoped we could be


Often, I don't get the chance to learn
Neither will I let schooling interfere with my education

There is a path to light
Brighter days for our society tomorrow
To extinguish hurt in homes
Broken bonds when we seclude our own


I cast my eyes like a net in a calm pond
Trying to fish out the answers why everybody is caught up.

A loud buzz starts my conscience
The noise of a passing housefly
Breaking apart my tranquility that was settled
My head yearns for rest, then sleep

I am the one to lock you down in your insecurities
I will not be the one to liberate you from unending struggles with self
I will stand with my head held high
I will ponder all the aspirations concealed beneath your frown

If you could open up your heart to the understanding
that love hurts whether its right or wrong
then maybe you could shelter yourself from the heartbreaks

Good vibes she had
She used to come around at noon
and ask what assignment the chemistry teacher had left for us
In the afternoon we would discuss math and chuckle

Every time the thought sprouts in my mind,
I recall a path at the back of my mind,
A path that leads me back to her,
In a different world far off where lights shine at night.

I heard that you don't give a listening ear to him no more
Well, he is not the first of your allies that you label a friend,
Only to get back at you and bring you down again

I simply stayed up late last night
In a decisive state of mind I came to realize,
I couldn't help but stare at this photograph
And now I already done the math

When fairly dusty tales fail to add up
We look up to logic for interpretation of starts and riddles
His hallucinations were temporary but his dreams were forever
Something like the village bliss swept over his soul

Mwenyeji Spikes Biography

Mwenyeji spikes, born Matthews is a culture enthusiast, prolific writer, literary critic and an outspoken natural poet. He is aptly fascinated by the turns of evolving culture and social cultural trends in contemporary society. Finding diverse ways of bringing out humor even with the simplest of words and different ways of painting mental picture with words, he seeks to express the mind of today's sociocracy on issues ranging from harmonious co-existence to the nature of man today. He is open to working on scholarly projects that seek to bring enlightenment on social issues and has graced the stages in many spoken word and poetry forums both within Nairobi and any other places where people deeply love and appreciate poetry, and also pioneered the Poetry week on Homeboyz Radio,103.5 since 2011 and founded the annual platform for art diversification in Kenya, Central Wacka Festival of Music & arts. He aspires to impact the world through words, words of wisdom and enlightenment, enriching lives though the gift that God has imparted in his life, for the good work. Support: https: // Paypal: Instagram: @mwenyejispikes Twitter: @mwenyejispikes)

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Born In Africa

When ends swell and hope shines,
I know that that am from the precious wells,
It's so easy to tell with the charm hanging on my neck
Diamonds from Sierra Leone make that side shine

When I stand like Zulu
Know it's a lot that I've been through
Gold mines down waterfalls, above all black oil wells,
It all began here, and here it's going to end.

The motherland that gave birth to civilization
Cultures that hold us together
Both the old and the wise will sit around the fire place
This rich heritage no one will ever snatch from my heart

Raised to know how to respect the elders
give regards to the ancestors, pour libation
With humility extending our hands to give love and receive
Once the sun rises to pick my tools and till the land
walking the Savannah with the heart of a lion
Every morning dawning with new inspiration for the land and its people

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Only when you can see better, that you'll want better.

Wisdom is the ability to tell apart

The truth is relative to where you stand

Forget what you heard, the picture in your head is what matters most.

Miracles don't transpire in a vacuum, they happen within bounds of FAITH.

You are a living beacon; your life is a manifestation of the frequencies you catch and how you interpret them.

otherwise, what proof is there that we even existed?

Whatever your interpretation of life is, that is the right one.

The expanse of your life is limited only by the depth of your thinking

the marvels of life are only as grand as the expanse of your imagination

The things we wished existed, we began to create.

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Mwenyeji Spikes Popularity

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