Ashley Goncalves

Rookie (July 17,1995 / New Jersey)

A Little Too Late - Poem by Ashley Goncalves

I'm sitting in gym class and your playing soccer with your friends
I watch as you laugh and run as if your youth will never end
It's sad to watch you as you think that they are happy too
But your slowly left to yourself as they edge away from you

I'm sitting in the lunch room listening to the music that I like
I see that it's the hundreth day you have no appetite
Yeah you never get in line to get some food and have your fill
You should be very hungry with your thin arms and no lunch still

I'm sitting next to you in class thinking about the week
When you accidentally spill your purse on the floor right next to me
I help you pick up the things as you frantically look around
Then I hand you the empty med bottle that was laying on the ground

I'm going through my locker as I try to gather all my books
When I hear a sob behind me and I slowly turn to look
I can see your boyfriend calmly say something silently and through
As he holds this other girl in his arms and walks away from you

I'm walking out of school with my pack and books at hand
When I spot you sitting by yourself all alone in your own land
It's hot outside but you wear long jeans and a long sleeve shirt too
The scars on your arm must be hidden or all will know the truth

I'm sitting here all by myself as I watch you do the same
I wish no one treated you as if you were a game
I wish you knew that I sincerely care and that I love you so
Because it always seemed that no one else could see the way you glow

I'm going through this next day wondering why you are not here
You werent in class, you werent in gym, and I have something for you to hear
Today I wanted to ask you out and tell you how I feel
But I guess I'll have to wait on tommorow and see if you know I'm real

I'm in my house after school watching the tv
When I hear some words that strike me hard and I just couldn't believe
A young teen girl was found in her home with a bullet in her head
It seems that you have had enough and shot yourself dead

So here I am all alone thinking about your pretty hair
Crying and sobbing and wishing that someone could have cared
I wish I told you sooner about how much you mean to me
But it's all over, done, and finished now and you are finally at peace

I can remember that faraway look that coursed through your shining eyes
But now with this long poem I will say my last goodbyes
Your whole time you dealt with pain, struggles, and strife
But now I guess I'll see you in another life

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