A Long Wait....... Poem by lalitha iyer

A Long Wait.......

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All day
the bird waited for the sun
the sun did not come
the bird did not sing

All night
the bird waited for the moon
the moon did not come
the bird did not sleep

It was a sad day and sad night
the poor bird had nobody to sight
it sighed day in and day out
and heaved with sighs of bleeding heart

why do we live
the bird asked
why do I sing
the bird asked

If i have no friend
nor companion
no sun nor moon either
I should die like a dew

just melt away unknown she said
next morning before the sun was up
and it did too
the bird broke herself against a thorn

that night the moon rays silvery white
stroked the sikly furs lying dead
they were too soft that the breeze touched them dear
but the bird was broken and lay dead uncared.

Poor bird, when it was aching and waiting
no one came, not even a mate of love
or a match to woes or a friendly hopper
it bleeded and fled to free itself of heart's chopper.

My days are wasted upon a love or two
My heart sighs and heaves for a dear or two
but why do I exist, without any cause
My dear bird, wish I had courage of your choice.

Friday, March 7, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: philosophy
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