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A curve
in full silvery light
a full moon
a meeting of curves

A new lust
seeded yester night
during sleep
by hands unseen

beg me for life
to the unseen one
beg me for living spirit
to the invisible sight

yes, love is
by time and

I am ageing
start was slow
but pace is fast

to Bloom
let me wait
and watch out

Crow of all the birds
the master tutor of
the biggest University
teaches how to share

I wonder
what I missed..

The mind is a mirage
where you seek hope
there it is dry
and when you rest

To build a nest
with twigs unrest
lying here, lying there
to lay some eggs

as a Child
I picked up shells
and kept in my manor
in secret holes

Hitler is no more
Hitlers have mushroomed
in every corner
Hearts of Hitler

Think of the children
running away from death
the little hearts
born to bombs

Alone I go
up and down
past past, present and future
in my inner thoughts

Every story ends
when it ends
it pains

A naked woman
is a sight to see
when her breasts
are free to eyes

When nature dances
in greens and blues
birds sing
petals bring

The King of Pops
he flew to the land of hopes;

In this world

It pains
to age
not in body
but in mind

I wish
i could peep
into the blue deeps
and find

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Addicted to nature and poetry by Birth. Feeling the throb of life around, every dawn and every dusk, in every being in and around. Every change in nature creates lovely emotions in and around......................................)

The Best Poem Of lalitha iyer

A Curve

A curve
in full silvery light
a full moon
a meeting of curves
an arch
the fashionable curve
a wave
the passionate weave
all beauty
in curves of heart
the dove's bosom
dodging touch by action
the lovely breasts
curving from virginity
to eternity's unrest.
milking love
and molten passions
splitting hearts
and spilling iron thoughts
all curves in hips
and lips and
she stoops
to curve me
down and down
to win her over
and win me all quivers

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You have been such a great inspiration, a great comfort and solace.......why have you suddenly deserted me, Lolitaa! ! La ma sabachthani...? ? ? ?

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Amin Zaini 08 May 2014

Nice, very nice. There are a lot of Indian poets registered in this web site and each one is better than the other

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Abhay Vignesh L 03 March 2011

Great poems.You have a flair for verse

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Aida Melesse 03 August 2010

Love your poems! ! ! They come from beyond...thank you: :))

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Eyan Desir 20 May 2009

A true poet who can write the highest form of poetry...

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