A Mirage In The Mind Poem by lalitha iyer

A Mirage In The Mind

Rating: 4.9

The mind is a mirage
where you seek hope
there it is dry
and when you rest
then it starts to leak
from dead dusts
rises sprouts of heavenly mists
to showers of rain
in tormenting Summer
there are men
cruel and savages
there are,
women equally aged
by the way of life stages
embittered with losses of bonds
and links of trust
when we discard the life as a whole
somewhere the brooks gurgles
ushering in cool moisture
bringing some relief
not from the Oceans you hope
does the thirst quenches
but from the hands unknown
unseen love is poured
from skies of alien hearts
as u sink deeper
without a chord to hold
the rope of life is extended
and somebody gives u a hold.

Pauline Levesque 22 April 2009

Love this! You are now one of my favorite poets on this site. :)

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Afzal Shauq 30 June 2009

well done dear poet... this poem is again very inspiring one.. hope you like the way I write peace dreams.. basically I am poet with 6 books..here let me share with you one of my famous say about peace..(a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with..afzal shauq) best of luck.. hope my poetry also touch your heart...

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Poem about the life is good.

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Ric Bastasa 05 May 2010

i sense poetic eloquence here thank you lalitha...

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Braja K Sarkar 19 March 2010

Nice feeling of life..

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Kushal Vaishnani 13 November 2009

great poem.. you can stroll at poetic heights at leisure! loved it.

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Sarwar Chowdhury 07 October 2009

a truly poetic eloquence! nice wording! 10+

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