Anton Raes

A Love Divided By Faith - Poem by Anton Raes

We were 2 souls
Lost in translation
Looking for a love
That was so pure

A coincidental encounter
We met by chance
On that train
Coming back from Dance
a simple conversation
Had me transfixed
I was sad 2 go
When we reached the station
And carried on to
Our destinations


A couple calls
And few texts later
We met again
This time
circumstances were better
Over glasses of pinto

Sharing laughter's
I ain't never had a feeling
Like nothing else matters
Till u sat next to me
On that mattress

we were miles apart
different in so many ways
still we clicked
like a dozen new trays

no doubt about it
I had found my soul mate
who cares about beliefs, race or class

But your faith
With me in the equation
Was strictly Forbidden

And your Daddy
would never accept us
Arranging a new life for u
By the end of the month

I'd tell u 2 hope for the best
'Its not impossible'
I'd say every time
u gripped my vest
With your Tears
streaming down my chest
But I knew I was losing u
And u knew it too

So the countdown began
And so did my desperate plan
Calling up your mum
Begging, pleading

Till the phone got slammed
Holding back my tears
Listening 2 that dial tone
As I came to that realisation
14 days, till your on that plane

This is crap
Life ain't always what it seems
& your sisters would always say
U need a Lawyer or Doctor
No Hood rat with unrealistic dreams

I guess they just didn't get it
The love I had for u
The respect I had for u
they could never discredit

But it didn't matter
2 them I was different
and different was bad

We made every second,
of every Minute,
of Every Hour,
of every day count

that last night together
a memory
I'll treasure forever

u cried all the way to the airport
& their was nothing I could do
except tell u I loved u

Made u promise
u won't give up finding that happiness u deserve
And I promised I won't ever forget

It was so hard to watch my whole world
Walk through that departure gate..
But despite the pain
meeting u was something
I could never regret...

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Poem Submitted: Friday, September 9, 2011

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