A Loyal Companion Poem by Almedia Knight-Oliver

A Loyal Companion

You've been with me all the days of my life:
A loyal friend, the part of me about which
it may seem I could care less:

I Stub your little toes, I scream, but curse you
I Crack your heels and flip-flops are left out
I stressed myself out and make you sweat and stink.
Nevertheless, you've remain a loyal friend when we go
outside... you use shoes as cover to keep me from hurt,
protecting me from shit and stuff where ever it lay.
I am grateful to you for being a loyal companion and
staying on your toes; balancing me whether standing or
walking, and day after day carrying my heavy loads.
You're even a friend of my words when they refer to
measurement and personify some things when I speak.
Even use music to keep time when dancing on my feet
use verse meter for rhythm in my poems, and even
"A foot in [my] one's mouth."

From this day forward, I will allow you to be 's"footloose and fancy
free"or unshackled to do and go where you want, dance and kick up
your heel, and I will always treat you with loving kindness...

Thanks Dr. Stuto for helping me understand the value of my
beautiful feet "A Loyal Companion."

Almedia Knight -Oliver

March 2,2018

Saturday, March 3, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: friend
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