The Power Of Love Poem by Almedia Knight-Oliver

The Power Of Love

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Early on: the radiance morning sun
infusing space and exposing me unbound
I lay beside him, marveling aura waltzing
behind my eyelids
Could this be some kind of omen or link?
I begin to hold onto his body, squeezing
extra warm breath on my neck and delighting
in the croon of his melodic breath
Beguiled by the charm of his dreamy eyes
my heart swelled and trembled like
the heart of a captive bird, just then
I knew my heart had been captured again!

At this time
fully pregnant with your love:
appetite increasing, throwing up,
nights devoid of sleep; and
ecstatic tears dropping in heap
bulging with pride, and lastly
stretching, contracting, then
gave birth to our love!

At long last
A love I can never forsake
I’m your lady…
Will you be my man for my sake?
I'll be at your command
Come into my paradise
I’ll love and cherish you
All of my life- -though
my body is frail, yet
our love stronger
I’m ready to commit to
the power of love.
Only as your wife can I hold on-
here’s my hand, here’s my heart…one love!
…. Forever…forever…forever… my soul mate!

Almedia S. Knight, January 2010

(In dedication [to Claude H Oliver and Almedia S. Knight] of a heavenly love that has baffled both for five years)

Sunday, January 24, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: love and life,love
Kuji Soliman 25 January 2010

Awww this is so romantic, sweet, and nice! ! this warm poem melted my heart of ice! ! May love conquer all for even more years.. Conquer every evil..and every single fear! ! (a little something to thank you for sharing this poem! :) I'm really happy for you and Claude! : D)

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Busting with beauty that is painted with the colours of love.Well done my friend! 10+ Howard Simon The Motivational Poet

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Marieta Maglas 25 January 2010

wonderful metonymy I’m pregnant with your love excellent lyric poem...perfect feelings....undestroyable emotional connection....this poem is an extraordinary love lesson.... 10/10

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John Knight 25 January 2010

Hi Almedia - This is beautiful a real 'Victorian Love Poem'. I score it TEN for its vibrant 'Free Verse Flow' and its awesome content. V 1 Is an elegant poetic tribute to the 'power of love' between a Lady and her chosen (its always the ladies who do the choosing) Man - BEAUTIFUL. V 2 A wonderful poem about the agony and ecstacy of pregnancy - PERFECT. V 3 A real 'Old fashioned' dedication of your love for your man! promises - dedication - commital - love - power - LOVELY. 'At last i'm ready to commit - to the power of love............ NOW here is my hand - my heart - one love - forever - forever - forever - my soul mate. Thanks for sharing Almedia. Love in Poetry - JOHN

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 25 January 2010

This is really a beautiful poem, Almedia. The glow of love is eternal and the power of love is undeniable. Warm Regards. Naseer

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Dr Antony Theodore 29 September 2018

Beguiled by the charm of his dreamy eyes my heart swelled and trembled like the heart of a captive bird, just then I knew my heart had been captured again! beautiful expressions of love and deep and intense romance.. lovely poem. tony

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Dr Antony Theodore 20 October 2015

the heart of a captive bird, fully pregnant with your love: ecstatic tears Come into my paradise Committing to the power of love.. so many wonderful expressions that your poetic mind visualizes. amazing poem. thank you tony

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Concievable love. What a power poem. Excellent!

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 11 February 2010

Oliver should be proud of you Almedia.A power poem!

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Obinna Eruchie 06 February 2010

This love poem does shows the power of love that glows with warmth between the voice and her love. Beautiful and deep!

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