A Maga Supporter Poem by Randy McClave

A Maga Supporter

She posted that she is a maga supporter
And how she loves her country she told a reporter,
She says she loves it more than the hatred of any man
She proudly proclaims that she is a devout republican.
She screamed where the problem lies
As she and the other Maga supporter cries,
When your hatred for one man is greater than your love for our country
Then you must then be the enemy.
Those who hate Donald Trump are the fault
She said the democrats want to hate and abuse and assault,
They hate him more than they love the USA
She kept repeating as she did cry and then did pray.
She had posted that we should not at all hate trump
His name we should not drag into the dump,
She said the problem could be yours and mine
Because, we judged and hated him because of his crime.
She said trump we should not at all hate
Even though he has lied, cheated stole and did rape
The hate of no man should be greater than the love of."our land
And that's how she said all true Americans should fight and stand,
But, now here is the kicker
On her car is a, "LETS GO BRANDON", bumper sticker.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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