A Malady Of The Mind 12/08/2010 Poem by Fahad Witchking

A Malady Of The Mind 12/08/2010

A shadow walks on the streets
you may not see it, even if
you look hard. It walks without
a purpose. without a sense of
direction. A soul doomed to wander alone....

What goes on in its mind, none know.
To it, the world passes by, as it
stands still, observing, calculating.
It sucks in all light around it. A
sort of walking Black Hole.

That shadow had a body, an identity
once. Yet, life was no better.
Only the pain is no more. It feels
no more. Yet, sights and sounds of
life gone by, haunt it. As it haunts life.

A life gone by.... Memories of pain, and
sorrow. Sights of looking through a mask.
Seeing the reflection of a grin. Feeling the
bottomless pit beneath that faux smile. The
sun had never seen its face, behind that mask.

How many times had it bashed its face
against a wall? How many times had it sliced
itself? How many times had it burnt itself? Yet,
it succumbed to the one thing it prized. Its mind.
An abnormality it had, occured in the organ of thought.

It remembers all the nails screwed tight in his
brain. All the times he screamed inside. Each moment
the nails tightening their grip on him, rusted and twisted.
'He deserved it! , ' it reasons now. 'It was what he
wanted, ' it deems. 'A malady of the mind, ' it concludes.

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Fahad Witchking

Fahad Witchking

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