My Lady (The Sea) Poem by Fahad Witchking

My Lady (The Sea)

there is a longing that i have
it always hungers for more
an insatiable thirst
it never dies

i long for the sight of her majesty
i long for the taste of her water
i long for the way she caresses my skin
i long for the music she makes

the colour changes according to her mood
the peaceful and serene blue
the green brooding
the black wrath

many men have braved her waters
ever in search of what they cannot find
ever in love with her
many souls lost within her depths

many stories she has to tell
many secrets she holds
many treasures she owns
many creatures living within

long have i gazed upon her beauty
and still i long for her cold embrace
an insatiable thirst for every thing that she is
a thirst never quenched lightly

ah! the sheer joy of watching her wrath
she claws at the earth, what is hers
the pouring rain on the surface
the thunder claps on the horizon, the calling

She belongs to me, i belong to her
i feel so real when i bathe in her waters
i swim in her watery depths all day
and feel one with her

Lady Grace 07 November 2009

the words within is nicely sweet the expressions, am sure it's not for fun..the girl is so lucky to have you..witchking catch her pretty view...

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