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Can a tree flourish?
When the air and soil are polluted.
Can it bear wholesome fruits?
When poison courses through its veins.

The Full Moon 29/05/2010

As Tears of Blood drip
onto the cracked earth

The Creature 22/05/2010

Have you seen a creature?
A creature which drains your life.

There is a shape lying
in a puddle of mud
under the pouring rain
across the barren and empty field

A shadow walks on the streets
you may not see it, even if
you look hard. It walks without
a purpose. without a sense of

The leaf is floating on the wind
Twisting and swirling, over and over
Dancing to the tune of the wind
Carried over distances, flying and flying

For those who slept,
for those who kept,
for those who wept,
how i felt

Memories keep flashing by
how did i come to be here?
it all seems to be a blur
i dont know who i am anymore

there is a longing that i have
it always hungers for more
an insatiable thirst
it never dies

Twilight is upon me,
no one else is here,
all alone in the night,
The Last One Behind

hello darkness, my old friend
its been so long since we last met
so nice to be with you again
whispering sounds of silence

The salty breeze, the seagulls cry,
The crashing of waves, music to my ears,
The sand beneath my feet, on it i lie.
The sun on the horizon, through joy i shed tears

i look at things which were once familiar to me
but i dont remember what they are anymore
i'm walking through mist which
i know it to be the real world

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I am a failure to all those who know I. I walk these roads with a mask over the features of I. I have been trampled on and trudged on, over and over disfiguring the face of I. I smile even when pain coils the heart of I. I am afflicted with a disease of the brain in I. 'The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. ' (Robert Lee Frost) How enticing are those love, dark, and deep woods! Fortunately, I have not many miles to go. Sleep is close...)

The Best Poem Of Fahad Witchking

Can It? Can We? Can I?

Can a tree flourish?
When the air and soil are polluted.
Can it bear wholesome fruits?
When poison courses through its veins.

Can a flower bloom?
If maggots have eaten its bud.
Will a butterfly collect pollen from it?
If its petals are hideous.

Can a pen write beautifully?
If the hand holding it is crooked.
Can it pen down ideas (words of wisdom) ?
If the writer’s heart is hollow.

Can the heart feel love?
If it only knows pain and disappointment.
Can a wound feel the sting of salt?
If it has grown numb of pain.

Can birds fly gracefully in the sky?
If it is poison they breathe.
Can a person be healthy?
If he had poison (when he grew up) .

Can I smile sincerely?
When I am reminded of the scars of the past.
Can I hope for a normal life?
When I was born disfigured.

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