My Old Friend Poem by Fahad Witchking

My Old Friend

Rating: 4.0

hello darkness, my old friend
its been so long since we last met
so nice to be with you again
whispering sounds of silence

in restless dreams i've walked alone
in a cold valley all alone
the ground beneath of rough stone
fear of an endless torment

and in the fading light i saw
the silhouette of a boy who is lost
as i keep walking toward it, i realize,
its none other than me...

take my arms so i may reach you
so that i may find peace in you
these dreams from which im dyeing
are of things i've lost

so many confusing thoughts in my head
i dont know what i want anymore
living in this hollow shell of mine
i feel numb to the pain in me

a vision burned in my brain
of a dark cliff over the sea
a wraith calling me on
a calling from the sea

i'm writing songs of words unheard
hear my words so i might preach you
take my arms so i may reach you
but my words, like silent raindrops fell

Prakash Mehra 08 November 2009

A nice one. I enjoyed it.

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