Ramona Thompson

A Man Like You - Poem by Ramona Thompson

Too old for a young hottie like me
Pulled me so close
Pushed me so far away
Just could't help yourself
You had to try and control me
Tell me who I could be
What I could do with my life
Said you wanted to love me
But baby, baby you made a fatal mistake
Rubbed me all wrong
Forced me to write this song


Can't live like that
Don't wanna be down like that
Losing me
Just to be pleasing a man like you
Baby, baby that's just something I'm not gonna do
So gotta pick up and leave
With my guitar in toe
No way in hell honey that I'm gonna be a ho
For a man like you

So damm stupid
Struck in your ways
Fixed and unwilling to change
Tried so very hard to care
But even being just friends was something that made impossible
Called me native
Told me that I had a problem with my anger
All because I wanted to be a indepenent women
With my own bling and my own life
So jealous
You just could't handle


Wanted a future for 2
But only if 1 of us could be happy
Only if you could be happy
Pouting like a spoiled child
Caught with your hand in the cookie jar
Stomping your foot in a rage
When I would't let you write the pages of my life
So much I guess for maturity
Must have missed out on that
For sure lover you're gonna miss out on me
Too bad cos you know
You could have had my all


Won't back down
Won't let your jaded view bring me down
Down to the ground with a broken heart
You got no self-esteem
No belief in yourself
So you try to be the big man
Boss your woman around
Act so tough and rough
But I bet when you're all alone
You cry in the dark
Wishing you had't heard me on the radio singing this song


Ramona Thompson 2007

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Poem Edited: Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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