Ramona Thompson Poems

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Oral Sex

One look in your eyes and tonight I am sickened
Rolling and shivering I can feel my skin crawling in bitter repulsion
All day I have been dreading the question that I knew tonight you would be asking
Lust burns in your gaze devouring me as if I were nothing more to you than a piece of meat

Mighty Horny Power Rangers

They've got a libdo and a desire
That can't be controled

I'll Be Leaving You Forever

Rewrite of New Kids On The Block I'll Be Loving You Forever

Get You Out Of My Life

Rewrite of the Jodeci song, All My Life

All Muslims Are Terrorists!

So sick to death of always being judged
The color of our skins alone marking us as criminals
Leading you to believe
Painful, hurtful lies

The Only Good Cop Is A Dead Cop

I'm not afraid to say it
I'm not gonna say I'm sorry for it
Ain't even one of 'em worth a thing
Just dirt beneath our feet

Sex Crave Mood


When I want it
I gotta have it

10 Harsh Things That Life On This Cruel World Has Taught Me

1. It is better by far to never have loved at all then to have loved and had your heart shattered beyond all repair even once.

2. There are some people God never answers prayers for simply because they're just not that important to him anyway.

Power Rangers Lust Galaxy

Far far away
Deep in space

I Hate Myself And I Wanna Die

Sad and lonely
Thinking about suicide
Not just sometimes

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