A Mantle Of Colored Amethyst Poem by Emmanuel George Cefai

A Mantle Of Colored Amethyst

Rating: 3.8

A mantle of colored amethyst
Over the port to slowly glide seems
Slowly, slowly, slowly
Like passing clouds
Like the white mists
Hovering over cold Everest.

And in the near distance high
The peaks appear white and blue
Like azure domes full overturned in sky
Or like up-turned cups
From Bacchus’ nightly revelries
In some green dale, some hidden dale
Of wayward Thessaly.

The waves do quiet swish
Against the pointed rocks
That raise their head
To look at Fort Saint Angelo
Unseen by human eye:
And in the sky the fireworks
Burst like gaudy flowers
In the din
Of mid-day glorious sun and drunken ecstasy
At the warm touching of the mellowing Sun.

The Poet sees and feels and sings.

Daniel Brick 19 February 2021

My experience of the poem is like drinking a glass of cool wine on a hot day. I settle into my chair and feel my mind is clear, purged of pettiness and ready to

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Daniel Brick 19 February 2021

This poem is gorgeous. I paused several times in my first reading to let the imagery

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Savita Tyagi 09 February 2016

Beautiful poem. The poet sees and feels the beauty around and the heart melts and floats in that atmosphere soaking in all that is beautiful.

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Very beautiful and vivid poem describing the moods of the clouds, sky and sun..

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