A Mermaid 's Tear Poem by Oduro Bright Amoh

A Mermaid 's Tear

Oh that I had a mermaid's tear,
Two silver chalices of life and death
Then would I gallantly without fear
Journey with blade fixed in sheath
To Aqua De Vida, the Fountain of Youth
Having with me a despondent soul
Who will be willing to take his own life without ruth.
With Wellington boots covering my sole,
I shall drop the tear in the chalice of life
And fetch me some drops from the Fountain Of Youth,
Fill both chalices with the drops and pull out my knife
To bid the despondent fool to not be uncouth
But to gladly accept his unenviable fate;
Drink from the chalice that bears his demise
Whilst I, Captain Symple, The Bold, The Great
The Very Wise Among The Wise
Shall with the contents of the chalice of Life
Quench my thirst. Thereafter
Come home and find me a wife
And live happily ever after

Captain Jack Sparrow once said
Adventure lies in living each moment like it were your last
Not knowing when this body of yours shall drop dead
And your life become a thing of the past.
I would have been inclined to believe that man
Were it not that that seems to be too much fun

Oh that I had a mermaid's tear.....
Forget it! Give me a bottle of beer.
All shall one day die
And why shouldn't I?

Sunday, August 31, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: art
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