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A Message To My Cousin.. - Poem by Farida Elhessy

Dear cousin; Caroline Edward Loga, I wrote this message for you to learn it and share it so it can reach as many people as possible. Pray for me; Farida Hany Elhessy and for all of us suffering people on our dear Planet Earth. God’s had chosen us with our weak bodies, tender hearts and strong souls to reach you healthy people to teach you some of his wanders on our dear Planet; may it go Green, Non-violent and Peaceful again by the actions of you the healthy, because us; the sick patients can feel nature and other creatures (both sick and perfectly healthy human beings, animals, insects, plants even solid objects) and can touch them for help before you healthy people can even think they existed.

Caroline, my lovely cousin read these words carefully this is my will for you that I wish you can start working on before death crawl’s and reaches my earthly existence in my weak humanly worthless body. Think about these beautiful words I'm writing on my keyboard smoothly like a pianist spiritually composing this Godly written symphony of the most joyful music notes that ever existed and when heard; you’ll be taken by our creator to this place where we call it here on our Earth, 'HEAVEN'.Yes Caroline, 'Heaven', it exists I know it by the heart and soul not by the mind and body.

Read my words with all these metaphors I’ve learnt to use long time ago since I was ten years old. I used to have this old poetry book I got from our grandmother’s place which apparently was your mom’s.

I’ve learnt to use words to reflect what’s inside my heart not what’s on my mind; believe it or not I’ve learnt to do this from 'YOU'.

Yes, Caroline you taught me to see things the way you see it and to write the way you write it; in a unique artistic way, you taught me that my first name Farida (which means Unique) is a true character and is present on our Planet, You taught me a lot Caroline, may God bless you, your name Caroline Edward Loga is carved in my heart with the most beautiful, the most precious and the most expensive type of shiny, pretty, glittery and sparkling diamantes.

We are all connected some how by the purest transparent sparkling bond though we are far apart but I can feel each and every moment of smile and loud out hard laughter’s you're having with your friends as well as the tears, suffering and agony you're having these days, I want you to know that you're never alone and you'll never be alone again cause I feel that uncle Edward (may he rest in peace) is always watching over you, exactly he way he's doing for me right now in the most hard time I've ever had in my entire life, I felt what he was feeling back when he was in the leukemia ward in that hospital in Brisbane.

My struggling with this weird disease (Multiple Sclerosis) is apparently filled with pain, suffering and agony but having this disease feels more like someone sitting under the shade of this old wise green tree and leaning his back by its huge, beautiful, old thick wooden trunk with the amazing deep cracks in the dark brown wooden trunk that is touching his itchy back so he moves his backup and down smoothly to scratch the itching sensation he got from the air breathe that came suddenly out of nowhere to remind him that he's still alive.

Caroline these days something tremendously amazing had happened to me and ONLY by God's will it will reach you and some others, I’ve always felt that we’re connected somehow spiritually though we’re physically; thousands of miles away.
God’s inspired me with my sick, weak body, yet strong, joyful, glittering Soul to write this message for you.

I love you, my lovely cousin and I'm waiting for you very soon if God wishes to join me in my journey and to search for your own path.




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  • (5/13/2013 8:48:00 PM)

    It's a lovely message that I ever read, hope she is reading your mesg. and hope that you are getting healthy and safe. with love (Report) Reply

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