A Metaphysical Dream Poem by Alexandre Nodopaka

A Metaphysical Dream

At the foot of a lofty mountain the man
looks up and sees a darkened opening
near the apex. It is in the nature of Man
to investigate and fill a cavity.

But first he must reach it. Before him
a dirt path leads straight up but like in all
fairytales it is laden with danger. The right
side is loaded with manzanita bushes.

Their spiked branches will tear his flesh
apart. The left side is dense with jagged
stones. There is only the steep pathway.
He starts the first step then the second.

By the third pebbles roll under his feet
forcing him to lengthen his stride.
Soon the gravel grows larger and larger
and the rocks become Uluru-size.

Now he can't dodge or leap over them.
He must decide quick before he's crushed.
He chooses to become transparent.
Now the perilous boulders pass through him

as if made of air.
He's still careful in his progression but at least
distinguishes the malevolent projectiles
from the safe. At last he reaches the grotto.

In the far back sits a monk in a lotus stanza.
The index finger and thumb of his right hand
palm up on his knee form a symbolic circle.
The left hand on his left knee, palm up, forms

another circle but with his little finger and thumb.
The monk, after years of monkeying around
still searches which hole shall lead to nirvana
when his fingers start tapping the way in arpeggio.

Alex Nodopaka © Feb 2020

Wednesday, March 18, 2020
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