A Movie Right Now Poem by Alexander Julian

A Movie Right Now

You can watch movies on the internet.
You can watch movies online.
You can watch "movies on demand".
You can see the menu on your TV.
You can see the movie selections on the menu, on your TV.
You can only watch that one particular movie you choose.

"You can only watch that one particular movie you choose."

What does this quote mean?
It means this:

Choice is the limit of unlimited entertainment.
Your choice is limited.
Because one choice takes time to experience.
You must spend time to watch TV.
If you don't have time for TV, you don't have time for TV.
There's more!
Choice is the limit.
Choice is the limit of experience.
Choice is the limit of experience with TV.
Choice is the limit of "unlimited entertainment".
You usually just choose to watch a movie.
I hope you're not watching endless movies from lack of good judgement.
That movie you choose is the only movie you choose as of this moment.
"Other" movies don't count.
There are "other" movies you don't choose to watch.
The other movies are not your choices right now.
You must experience the first choice before experiencing another choice.
Your first choice is time-consuming.
Your first choice takes time.
So, that means "choice" defeats the purpose of unlimited entertainment.
It's only unlimited entertainment before you make that choice.
Once you make the choice, "other" movies you aren't watching don't play.
You just simply play the movie of your choice.
You can only watch one movie at a time.
It can take 2 hours.
It can take 3 hours.
It can take 4 hours, to watch a movie.
A movie doesn't "just happen".
Movies are longer than TV commercials.
You watch one movie right now.
The "other" movies don't count.
In fact, you will never be able to watch most of the other movies.
"Unlimited entertainment" means endless options to never reach.
You don't have all the time you need if you're a very demanding customer.
Sure, you "need time", you want time.
But you mostly don't have time beyond personal living.
Remember the "other" movies?
You don't watch those other movies right this instant.
So, the other movies are "invisible".
That means you can't watch them.
The "other movies" are invisible because you're not going to watch them.
You probably have DVDs for movies you haven't seen.
Until you watch those DVDs, those movies are invisible.
That means you're blind of such personal belongings.
You can watch more or less movies.
However, the "entertainment" is not unlimited.
It's not unlimited.
It's variable within exclusive selections and nothing goes beyond.
You don't get credit for watching a movie you don't see.
"Exclusive" means you're having one thing and not something else.
A thing you have is always exclusive in one degree or another.
A thing you don't have can still be exclusive without you.
So, you can't have credit for credit you don't have.
Your "hint" is not a service without money.
Your choice of movies is exclusive against other movies you don't watch.
From unlimited entertainment, exclusive products are fighting to be views.
You can't consume the entire library of movies all at once.
You can't do that with books.
You can't do that with movies.
And, you can't do that with poems, including this one.

Friday, November 26, 2021
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