The Pieces Of My Heart Poem by Theo Williams

The Pieces Of My Heart

Rating: 5.0

I was walking this lonely wilderness
And then I met you
I had no intention of falling
‘Cause my heart's pieces, were but a few.

My stomach filled with butterflies
My cheeks painted with blush
Nerves shake my knees
And I feel my warm blood rush.

I feel as if I'm flying amidst clouds
And sailing through the stars
I feel as if I'm warmer than the sun
My heart starting to heal my scar.

Her smile is pure and simple
Like sunshine through a rain drop
Her eyes glow brighter than stars
A sparkle that makes my heart stop.

Her hair flutters in the wind
Like gold silk falling from heaven
Her heart as vast as the ocean
Mine in her possession.

Her beauty is not all I love
But the man she has made me
The goodness I have done
And being my heart's key.

Piece by piece
She had fixed my heart
Then as quick as she healed it
She tore it apart.

I try and rid all the memories
For they are forgiven not forgotten
Every time I think about them
I feel my heart goes rotten.

She is in love with many guys
Some in movies some are not
And every time I think of it
My heart begins to drop.

It feels as if my lifeline has gone
I just can't let go, don't know what to do
Her affection toward other guys kills me
Now my heart's pieces, again are but a few.

Mandi June 03 July 2012

This is stunning... An absolutely beautiful poem and delightful to read.

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Phathutshedzo Mbaimbai 03 July 2012

Wonderful, this is mouth-watering, brilliant, big up,

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Alex Sarich 31 July 2012

Hi Theo, (the pieces of my heart) a wonderful poem. You have a piece of my heart Theo, simple, feeling, how we are very similar in our thoughts as you write with honesty. Great stuff.

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James Barrs 13 July 2012

favorite line her smile is pure and simple, like sunshine through a raindrop. overall good, simple and pure.

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Ken E Hall 09 July 2012

Fantastic blood rush in words ++++10 regards

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Eric Cockrell 04 July 2012

love breaks you again and again, and so releases your heart!

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Dolan Doran 03 July 2012

good poem. enjoyed reading it.

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