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A Mysterious Naked Man

Rating: 3.8

A mysterious naked man has been reported
on Cranston Avenue. The police are performing
the usual ceremonies with coloured lights and sirens.
Almost everyone is outdoors and strangers are conversing
as they do during disasters when their involvement is
'What did he look like? ' the lieutenant is asking.
'I don't know, ' says the witness. 'He was naked.'
There is talk of dogs-this is no ordinary case

of indecent exposure, the man has been seen
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Dr Antony Theodore 26 March 2020

where the wind from the harbour whips at his naked body, and by now he's probably done whatever it was he wanted to do and wishes he could go to sleep or die... interesting poem. you keep the curiosity of the reader till the end. tony

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Eiz Qarqash 25 April 2017

Very unusual theme yet greatly appreciated. It confused me a little at the beginning but it just keeps interested all the way....thanks for sharing sir!

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* Sunprincess * 07 June 2014

...........a very unusual theme for a poem.....enjoyed...

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Alden Nowlan 23 April 2009

Hey Miss nenita fred, I love what you wrote, I would love to have a swell time. however, we have a little problem, I unfortunatly passed away in June on 1983.

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Nenita24 Mbaye 11 May 2007

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