A Nation's Cry Poem by Jazmin Nakia Blackwell

A Nation's Cry

Rating: 5.0

Come to me you lost soul. Let me be the bearer of your burdens. Confide in me all your secrets, affliction, and strain.
For you won’t go in dismay I will gladly take away your pain. Though your hardships, trials, and circumstance may get you down in your spirits in some sort of way.

Remember you are the chosen people By God, who must not be questioned but praised. And you must strive to please him through your ordains for it is prophesied that the journey your nation will face May not be merciful or favorable on your part. So be pure in thought and kind at heart. And trust in God he’ll lead you through the dark.

You have cried and wept for centuries and thousands of years Help us oh great one of whom we worship and fear we your most humbled servants are waiting here.
Why are we subjected to a life of Hard labor, woe, and misery?
Still we are suffering, struck ill with plague.

Have we not worked off our dept to this evil estate?
From the sweat of our brow, and the sun blinding in our face
Is it not our time to finally be the winner in this race.
We the chosen people this can’t be possible
When our enemies are feasting on the wonderments of life
And our bones are scattered across the sunken sand.
Is it not our blood raining from the sky and through these river beds.

So for now we wait in the darkest hours of our living days
Until we hear the sweet sound of the savior saying.
For this time has come and now it to has passed.
Your nation is finally able to rest you are free at last.

Jada Barnes 25 July 2009

This was a great poem filled with such pain and sadness though. Still it's great 10 pts

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Siddharth Singh 26 July 2009

It's a very intense write with a very deeply rooted meaning. A 10.

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Sarah Langley 20 December 2012

Even though it clearly seems they will fail, they still have hope and faith.....Powerful Piece! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Chitra - 30 July 2009

compelling write..filled with truth and emotion

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Sam Edison 28 July 2009

I am trully impressed. Both spiritual and historical. This is a 10 deffinitely. You're an awesome writer.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 26 July 2009

Your words bleed and flood the river of sorrow, red.Excellent piece Jazmin.

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Patrick A. Martin 26 July 2009

Wow Jazza where did this jewel come from. I'm speachless this is a great piece. I'm another10

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