Jazmin Nakia Blackwell Poems

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A Nation's Cry

Come to me you lost soul. Let me be the bearer of your burdens. Confide in me all your secrets, affliction, and strain.
For you won’t go in dismay I will gladly take away your pain. Though your hardships, trials, and circumstance may get you down in your spirits in some sort of way.

Remember you are the chosen people By God, who must not be questioned but praised. And you must strive to please him through your ordains for it is prophesied that the journey your nation will face May not be merciful or favorable on your part. So be pure in thought and kind at heart. And trust in God he’ll lead you through the dark.

When Angelz Die!

What do you do
when an Angel dies

How can you put an

A Poem For Michael

Close your eyes for now
And dream with me.

Hear the music,


She moves in closer,
And slowly you bag
Away from her.

A Child's Warmth

Take me into your arms
Tell me that you love me
And It's gonna be alright.

Happy Days

Looking out the window
at this gloomy, sunless day
I see the trees just as
green as can be.

Days Of My Life

Sometimes I wish
That I could just leave
And get away.

Land Of Milk And Honey

Escape your body
and enter your mind
and take a journey
into a place were reality


All I asked is to be loved
Loved by someone
If not by all.
To be cared for honestly


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