Days Of My Life Poem by Jazmin Nakia Blackwell

Days Of My Life

Rating: 5.0

Sometimes I wish
That I could just leave
And get away.

To live deep in the jungle
Or in the Rain Forest
In a far away place.

To be at one with myself
Coexisting with the Earth
As God meant for us to be.

All that is or ever could be
In this day that has come
And gone again.
So swiftly.
With hopes that tomorrow
Will be so true.

Sam Edison 19 July 2009

I enjoyed this alot. Very well written and about a feeling I know all too well. Sometimes wishing I can be anywhere but Brooklyn. Ive left so many times and somehow always ended up coming back unfortunately.

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Patrick A. Martin 18 July 2009

Ahhh! Jazmin I guess there are days we all feel this way. These are the days when I'm grateful for my writing the days when I can let my imagination take me any where I want to go, as you have here. Never lose touch with your imagination those that do grow old quickly a swivel up (I don't know if there's such a word as swivel but I'll imagine there is an see dried prunes laying on the floor) Love your poetry keep writing so I can read and not swivel up.

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