Evan Tull

A Night I Hope I Have Fun - Poem by Evan Tull

I sit in my house with the television on
The traffic outside is silent the cars are gone
I wait and i wonder if I will hear from her
I just microwaved pizza to eat for dinner
I am in a mood that does not usually come
I want to feel her and I want to have fun
So weird it is for me to act in this way
I want her to call and to come over to play
Being single starts to get old and get lonely
Maybe she will want to come out maybe she'll phone me
Anger knocking at the front door of my soul
A fun time with her would help me to control
The feelings inside that are stuck in my mind
A good time with a lady is what I need to find
As I sit here and write this little rhyme
All I can think of is having a good time
I think single men can relate to me
To cuddle and kiss to make love sets you free
Sometimes it just hits me out of nowhere
Other times it seems if I don't get it I won't care
But on this very night after the sun set
This need for good times I started to get
I wrote her five times each time saying more
A dream come true would be her knocking at my door
There is just one thing that may stand in the way
She might be out of state or could have worked all day
But I am hoping that I can talk her into it
Tell her she will feel good, a time she wont forget
I honestly don't know why I am letting you all in
I guess just wasting time before the fun hopefully will begin
I am getting nervous the later it does get
My legs getting numb the longer I sit
But if there is a good than I hope sometime not too late
She will send me the message saying it sounds like a date
But as time goes by and my mail box stays empty
I start to think the only one I will have fun with is me
But what fun is that, I mean it starts to get old
The real fun is much better sorry for being bold
I really don't know if they will let me put this on my page
I guess in the headline I will put that you must be over this age
I am just writing down exactly what is in my head
This poems not fake it is reality instead
I think I will end it and post it up on this site
Goodbye everyone please pray I have a good night
I guess I will add at the end of this write
Sleep well and sweet dreams, I hope I am right
That in any second she should be talking to me
To those who read this poem I would like honestly
A little advice of how you think I shall
Trust somebody again especially another female
I honestly must say I don't like one night stands
I dont hug myself I would rather be in someone else's hands
I know this is not a site for advice
But knowing its not just me would be nice
Here i keep going when I said I was out
I honestly can't think of a title what is this about
Leave thoughts in the comments and I will pick one
But for the moment I will name it A Night I Hope I Have Fun
Now this time I am really going to go
If you like this poem please let me know
I have never written what I was thinking right at the time
But this is all my thoughts just put into a rhyme
I am now going to go I wish you all well
Maybe in another poem I will be able to tell
All of you that tonight my dreams came true
Good night, take care, and I hope to hear from you......

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Poem Submitted: Friday, November 15, 2013

Poem Edited: Saturday, November 16, 2013

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