luther cascade

A Night In Pain

Three a.m. and I'm sound asleep,
sleeping quit, so peacefully.
Quiet as nature, quiet as a forest breeze,
deep in a dream, I'm sound asleep......

All of a sudden back to reality,
My brother woke me up instantly
Thus awakening me from a peaceful dream.
I'm only ten, my brother one year younger than me
Wake up brother, wake up brother!
Dad just got home! ! WAKE UP BROTHER!
Is what I hear him scream!

Eyes wide open, confused this very moment,
All I see my loving brother, with sadness and full of grief.
His sadness face breaks my heart.
I knew this was bad from the start...
I know nothing good will come next,
So i say whats wrong quickly dont take too long! !

Dad's home! Dad's home! Screaming with anxiety..
He says, dad's home beating on mom so painfully,
O brother will you make him stop please, O please
Make him stop dont let him hurt mommy...

We rush to the kitchen I'm thinking god help us please,
O please have mercy on our souls.
We come upon a scene we shouldnt be seeing
Were to young for this domestic abuse...
Terribly it's not for us too choose.
Now it's here in our own home unmistakabley,

Dad drunk beating mom is what we came to see
Mother fighting, with what she can, pots and pans
Father throwing blows of force with no remorse!
Punches of lightning..Like hercules
But he's no hero just drunk and mad at the world.
We yell please stop! please stop! leave mommy alone..
Yet he continues throwing punches of stone..
Reaching peaks of insanity, burning full of rage
All while mother..hopeless.screaming. as in a cage.
Crying and taking cover bleeding at this stage..
No where to go.. no where for escape.
My brother and I yelling stop father..please stop!
O please stop and leave her to peace
From your burning rage...Please stop is all we say.
Fear has gotten a hold of us, please stop is all we can say....

He pauses, stares at us Horribly.
My heart drops.. by the look on his face,
By the look in his eyes i see
No love... no regret... no mercy..
Nothingness is what he came to be
He storms right out as without a doubt,
Of the pain just brought to our family.
We run to mom, embrace her with loving arms
Mother crying tears of rain... tears of pain
Tears turn to blood.. we can both feel her pain..
Tears and blood she sheds.. dripping on our heads..
Saying it's all over but this night we couldn't tame..

All this happened while the world was sound asleep
Sleeping full of dreams, resting so peacefully,
But this nightmare turned to reality all cause
Domestic abuse has wreaked havoc upon my family....

Poem Submitted: Thursday, October 11, 2007
Poem Edited: Friday, April 15, 2011

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Comments about A Night In Pain by luther cascade

  • Red Blooded Black Hearted (10/14/2007 6:39:00 PM)

    That poem was beautifully sad. I'm sorry it happened. Great work. Keep writing.

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