A*p*a*r*t*h*e*i*d Poem by Zahraa Song


Rating: 3.8

So apartheid is over?
I couldn’t tell
It’s Sunday I’m sure
I hear the tolling bell

I see them all;
So proud, so sure, so fake
I hear the call
I heed the sign;
Sleep and rest they will all forsake;
Is it time?
Yes the sermon has begun

When it’s over see them run;
Back to where they were
Back to their special place in the sun

We smile and nod and sing a song;
We laugh and cry and say it’s taken too long
Then behind closed doors we start again;
We relive the torture, agony and the pain

We live apart -
We say it’s a start;
We live next door -
We say it’s still sore

I am young
But the same songs I have sung;
But now I see
That to be truly free;
We need to let go
Let people know;
We are on our way
That I will say;
But without honesty the bell will toll;
And soon… we will all be old

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