A Play Festival In Ogden Park Poem by Harriet Monroe

A Play Festival In Ogden Park

Rating: 2.7

Oh gay and shining June time!
Oh meadow brave and bright,
Abloom with little children,
All tossing in the light!
They dance and circle singing—
Oh, what a joy to see!
They twinkle in the sunshine,
They shout in company.

Beyond are pointed houses
Patterned against the blue,
With bushes flower-embroidered,
And trees all trim and true.
Around are rows of people
Watching the dainty show,
Guarding the fairy kingdom
Where blossom babies blow.

Their merry little footsteps
Race with the tricksy air,
That puffs their filmy dresses
And frees their shining hair.
All pink and white and golden
Under the round gold sun,
Winging the wind with laughter,
They ring and wreathe and run.

Oh, sweet and soft the world is,
Ever so glad and gay,
All garlanded with children
Who sing and prank and play !
You posy girls wide-petalled,
And boys all round and red,
Dance in the sun forever
Till time goes off to bed!

Darwin Henry Beuning 04 December 2015

Ogden Park is located in Chicago. It was named for William B. Ogden, (1805-1877) , Chicago's first mayor. Ogden Park opened to the public in 1905. The park was one of ten created to provide relief to Chicago's overcrowded tenement districts. I would love to visit it one day.

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Darwin Henry Beuning 04 December 2015

Lovely poem, of what we all miss, Our Youth. I often wonder of things not said. Was she ever married? ; did she have children? , did she find happiness in her life? . I know she had a sister named Lucy. Harriet suffered a fatal cerebral hemorrhage while traveling in Peru, after attending a meeting of the International Association of Poets, Essayists, and Novelists (PEN) in Buenos Aires. She was buried in Arequipa, Peru. It would be nice if her remains could be returned to her home Chicago. I have added her to my favorite poets list.

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Harriet Monroe

Harriet Monroe

Chicago, Illinois
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