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A window
To the World

We are all cannon fodder
For the beast called 'War'

Wars are constant, on going

It is found alongside
The Book of Life

Words not listed

Our lives are filled
With Critical moments,
I call them
High Noon moments.

American Society

Is very unforgiving

Comedians in America die young
Perhaps, for having too much fun

Our three beloved John's

Ruler Supreme
Beloved by all

King Bhumibol Adulyadej

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,
and to the Justice for which it stands,

Except for those celled at GITMO

There is a lack of civility
In this day and age.
What ever happened to -

When we first met
We both had nothing

Worlds apart

President Kennedy - 35th President
President Trump - 45th President

JOHN Fitzgerald Kennedy

A busy thoroughfare
For those who dare

Freak accidents abound

Thinking of All the comforts of today
And the days of my youth
On a Minnesota farm.

I Love my Grandfather
He, in his Bib Overalls,
Me, in mine

What elderly people miss the most in their lives,
You would think,
Their spouses who have passed.
No, husbands and wives,

The final Senate vote
Of President Trump's impeachment trial
Held on 13 February 2021.

Lying awake in my hospital room,
It has been three days since my Cancer operation,

My life in the hands of surgeon,

Ah yes, Vietnam
Remember it well
Just eighteen
Not more than a lad

In people - the World Round
You have,
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.


Started the day
With my silent friends
On the Wall.

Darwin Henry Beuning Biography

I was raised on a dairy farm in central Minnesota. Joined the Army at 17 and landed in Vietnam in May 1966. I later joined the Air Force and retired in 1990. I then worked for the Veteran's Administration in Salt Lake City, Utah for 18 years, retiring in 2009. My wife is from Thailand, we have been married 45 years. Along the way, we raised three children. I enjoy playing chess, writing poems and quotes.)

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Darwin Henry Beuning Comments

Darwin Henry Beuning 12 April 2018

03: 46am,12 April 2018. Woke up early this morning, and starting thinking about my poem Eraser! . I have lived with this pencil my whole life, We all do that.

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Michael Walker 04 September 2016

'Part of me died in Vietnam, part of me never came back. The part of me that is called 'Innocence''. I find this genuinely moving.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 18 March 2019

On behalf of all fellow poets, PH Family and our Mahakul Family, we offer a title of honour to poet Darwin Henry Beuning born on 29 July 1947 in Melrose, Minnesota, United States and lives in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand, as, Endless Lexicon.' This title of honour is offered to him due to his high perseverance and notable contribution to the world literature. From today onward he will be known as Endless Lexicon Darwin Henry Beuning. We hope all poets, visitors and people will like this.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 12 February 2019

Darwin Henry Beuningis a very nice, multi-talented and internationally acclaimed kind poet of modern literature who does perseverance of high quality. He writes poems from various fields and his each poem is a philosophic gem. His effort shines ever in sky of literature. We adore his effort and skill. We love to read his poems. We wish him all the best. May God bring unlimited fortune and happiness for him.

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Michael Walker 12 February 2019

Darwin is very much an American poet, but also a citizen of the world. His poems are mainly about modern, important issues, which he expresses clearly, not too many words but sparkling imagery. One of the finest poets writing in the U.S.today.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 06 November 2022

TODAY YOUR QUOTE, I CITE THAT HERE: I was raised Christian, my wife was raised Buddhist, and our children 'CONFUSED'. QUOTE OF THE DAY TODAY Sunday 6 Nov 2022 CONGRATULAIONS, dear Hank! Such an excwellent Quote full of humor 5 Stars Top

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Sylvia Frances Chan 21 August 2021

We hope all poets, visitors and people will like this. CONGRATS being chosen as The Poet Of The Day. Hoorray, dear Hank!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 21 August 2021

Endless Lexicon.' This title of honour is offered to him due to his high perseverance and notable contribution to the world literature. From today onward he will be known as Endless Lexicon Darwin Henry Beuning..

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Happy Birthday, Hank! Another milestone for a caring, kind human being!

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Kim Barney 06 November 2020

Wow! 2337 hits on his home page on Wednesday,04 November 2020, according to Poem Hunter stats!

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Darwin Henry Beuning Quotes

There are no more jobs in America, only sentences, LIFE SENTENCES

I was raised Christian, my wife was raised Buddhist, and our children 'CONFUSED'

In each of us there is a poem and a song. For most, a poem that will never be written and a song that will never be sung

Part of me died in Vietnam, part of me never came back. The part of me that is called 'Innocence'

Working for the government is like being a cast member on the television series, Survivor. The two main differences are, with the government you have more teams and you don't get a vote

For us who are married, a question for our spouse. 'What do they see in you that you do not see in yourself? '

President Obama - I dub thee, 'Candy Man', because we the children love the candy given from your hand

Speaking of my Thai wife, her smile melts away the dark nights

An EVIL so strong it reaches into the light and turns daytime into night

There is a part of me which is not me, it is that part which writes the poetry

Some people are lucky, they need not worry about their tomorrow's since they have only today

Fame and Fortune - It gets you into places you don't really want to go

A long happy marriage is a closeness beyond close and a nearness beyond near

There is talk about building mighty walls on our borders, question is, will they be there to keep people out, or will they be there to keep people in?

There is nothing random, everything happens for a reason, no matter the cause of death, nothing can destroy our essence

I was born and raised in Minnesota, land of Crucifixes, Rosaries, and the 'Sign of the Cross'

From the youngest of the young to the oldest of the old, we are all Warriors, Battlefield Earth

We are all Chameleons in this life, having to change and adjust to be accepted by one's own

You may be a Demon today, but, perhaps a Saint tomorrow

Sometimes we walk from the darkness into the light. We are all just a breath away from making that change

Bowe Bergdahl, from now until he dies there will be a coldness shown him. Please show him kindness, there is a reason he was allowed to live

Love is, a homeless man and women standing together, hand in hand, at the entrance to a Blood Bank

You should treat each day like a game of Chess, your game starts with the morning dawn and ends with the sunset

Sometimes, those who have nothing have the most. Those who are a notch above, are the ones to fear

I realize that I'm in the endgame of my existence, and I'm not sure of how many more moves I have left

You can really learn alot about people just by reading the notes on their refrigerator

Poetry is the Gateway to the Soul, and an escape from our daily lives of hurt and pain

On this Earth many student-teacher relationships abound. But, as a Teacher, beware of Satan's Touch.

I'm not much on large public gatherings, sporting events, and such. Perhaps I'm claustrophobic. Perhaps, during my existence, I have just been part of one too many 'Dog and Pony Shows'

Death, is a passage you will have to traverse alone

Serving in the military, you enjoy the moment, not knowing what tomorrow may bring

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump appeals to the Common Man, no 'Red Tape', no 'Small Print'

It is grand to find a soulmate and walk this road called 'Life' hand in hand

The first joy that we all SHOULD experience is to be born into the arms of a Mother's LOVE.

Those who use the Lord's name for their own gain, will burn in Hell's fire, 'Ten times as bright'

A poem and a picture are worth a thousand words

People ask me why I drink. My response: If you read my poetry would you have to ask?

Chess is a game of 'Connect the Dots', to form a winning picture

Dilemma - When a home is not a home but a place of fear and dread. When a home is not a home but just a place to lay your head

People said it would be a cold day in Hell when Donald Trump becomes President. Well, that day has arrived

It boggles the mind, that now, you can get to where you are going before you left

We are all prisoners in the jail cell called 'Planet Earth'. All with a life sentences. The only difference is that some prisoners have more Creature Comforts.

In life you need to learn how to read 'Between the Lines'. It is something that is not taught in school

President Trump - I dub thee 'Pied Piper', because we the children follow

Love is too common of a theme in poetry and song, for a change, let's focus on HATE

If I was asked to sum up Human Existence in two words, the two words would be 'Wishful Thinking'

So far President Trump's Presidency reminds me of one of my quotations, 'Marriage - The first year is hell then it gets worse'

Being homeless is not a sin, the sin is for those who turn away

There is no such thing as a 'Safe Zone' for any of us, we all have to deal with the dangers of daily existence

From the highest of the high to the lowest of the low, In life, at the end, 'We All Take A Knee'

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